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HR Managers Renew Their Vote of Confidence

Reutlingen University achieves top positions in latest WirtschaftsWoche ranking.

Reutlingen University - with the ESB Business School and School of Informatics - has maintained its leading positions in the WirtschaftsWoche magazine’s university ranking again this year. Business Administration at the ESB Business School once again achieved first place nationwide among the universities of applied sciences. And Business Information Systems of the School of Informatics also ranked among the top five of the best ten universities nationwide - even taking first place in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

On behalf of the business magazine WirtschaftsWoche, the HR service provider Universum Global surveyed more than 500 HR executives at German companies between February and March 2022. Once again, the results of the survey were clear - those surveyed prefer to hire graduates of Reutlingen University in several subject areas when it came to the universities of applied sciences.

When hiring, HR managers are also increasingly paying attention to graduates’ additional, personality-forming skills acquired during studies, as well as the name of the institution where their degrees were obtained. In this regard, Reutlingen University has for many years offered an established programme for the acquisition of extracurricular competencies and soft skills, the “studierenplus-Programm”, which is available to all students. At the end of their studies, students have an extensive portfolio of additional qualifications.

ESB Business School once again performed very well in the ranking. As in previous years, it took first place in the field of business administration. Almost 16 percent of HR managers surveyed said they prefer to hire graduates from ESB. That’s a rise of one percent over last year’s result.

Dean of ESB Business School, Professor Christoph Binder, says he’s proud of the no. 1 result. “Our high standards for attractive, contemporary studies with a high level of practical relevance have once again paid off in full. We see the results of the current ranking primarily as a mandate to ensure that our students continue to receive innovative and practice-oriented preparation for international careers in the future,” he says.

In the field of business informatics, 10 percent of all recruiters chose Reutlingen University's Business Informatics programme, making it one of the best in Baden-Württemberg. 

The result is not a flash in the pan. For more than 10 years, Business Informatics at Reutlingen University has ranked among the top 5. According to the Vice Dean of the School of Informatics, Prof. Dr. Josef Schürle, who himself teaches in the field of Business Informatics, this is a special distinction and at the same time an incentive to continue improving. "The result shows that studying at the School of Informatics is a very good basis for later professional success, because our study concept is also oriented towards the needs of the economy. A practice-oriented study programme is the core competence of a university of applied sciences.

All results of the recent WirtschaftsWoche ranking

About the ranking:

On behalf of WirtschaftsWoche magazine, Universum Global regularly asks HR managers at German companies which graduates they value and recruit most. The ranking distinguishes between universities of applied sciences and classical universities and is one of the most important indices for business degree programmes. ESB Business School regularly achieves outstanding results there.