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Shaking hands with the ESBear

ESB Business School welcomed prospective students and their families on Open Day

By Katrin Reil

Programming a mini-robot, building your own Match4 game, attending a lecture or hugging the ESBear - if you wanted to take advantage of all that ESB Business School had to offer at Reutlingen University's Open Day, you had a full agenda. With advisory services, hands-on activities and demonstrations, the degree programme teams presented ESB Business School in all its diversity.

The ESBear in particular had a busy day. Not only did he give non-stop hugs and handshakes, he also supported the ESB cheerleaders' performance with his athletic prowess. The team's performance was one of the highlights. With the unofficial battle cry of the ESB Business School, the dancers also clarified the question of who was performing: "Who are, who are, who are we? We are, we are ESB!"

There was broad-based commitment from the students; in addition to groups such as ESB Cycling for Charity and Culture & Charity, which presented their work at their own booths, students from all programmes also supported numerous other activities, from international quizzes to craft activities for children.

In addition to many families and guests from the region, prospective students such as Tim from Tübingen also came to the event. "I'm interested in a master's degree at ESB and wanted to take the opportunity to get personal advice," he said. Visitors came even from abroad. Inside information about Reutlingen University was not only available in personal conversations, but also during student-led campus tours. As part of the taster lectures offered, visitors could also get a breath of university air - professionally sound and excitingly presented.

The Werk150 training factory formed a link between the open day and the Digital Days 2022, where visitors could, among other things, build their own Match4 game and learn about the processes in a smart learning factory. The ESB Business School's teaching and research factory also provided information about numerous other projects and technologies such as blockchain.

Along with the ESB bear, the open day had a second secret star - mini-robot Evo. Under professional guidance, visitors were able to gain their first programming experience with the golf ball-sized robot. Ten-year-old Matti was thrilled, saying, "I liked Evo best today. I would love to take him home with me."

Missed the open day? As part of Student for a Day, prospective students can get a taste of campus life for a day throughout the year. The 360° tour ESB in 360 and the degree programmes’ Virtual Info Sessions provide insights online.