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The MIM Alumni Event 2019 provided networking opportunities for students and alumni

MIM Alumni Event 2019
MIM Alumni Event 2019

Prof. Dr. Niamh O'Mahony

The Alumni Event of the MSc International Management (MIM) has established itself as an important networking event in the ESB MIM calendar. It provides the current MIM class with the opportunity to see what types of jobs and career paths the MIM qualification opens up for its graduates.

This year ten alumni presented their companies as well as the graduate opening opportunities they offer. First to speak was Michael Oberdorfer (MIM 2015/2016), Project Manager for Autonomous Driving, Robert Bosch GmbH. He was just back from a stint in Singapore and presented his first “real” position having completed Bosch’s Junior Managers Programme.

Next up was Anton Huber (MIM 2017/2018), Analyst for Project Management, Acterience Management Partners. Anton got to know the company by writing his master’s thesis with them last year. He took the audience through a typical day in his work on digital service development with a client company.

Timo Linnemann (MIM 2017/2018) then presented PlugandPlay, a Silicon-Valley-based venture capital company, with four offices in Germany and growing. He got to know the company as an intern and now works at its Stuttgart office in a team of 15, most of whom are also ESB alumni. The company provides an innovative platform, Startup Autobahn, to bring together successful start-ups from around the world and large corporations.

The next company to be presented was Detecon Consulting, by Luis Obermeier (MIM 2017/2018). Luis started with the company as an intern and wrote his master’s thesis with them. He is now a consultant in the area of mobility. The company is part of the Telekom group and concerns itself mainly with digital transformation.

Thomas Grüderich (MIM 2007/2008) was the oldest boy by far! Following several years in sales at Google in Dublin, he decided to set up his own company, Test IO, which provides crowd testing for software development. With currently 50 employees and 50,000 testers, it has offices in Berlin and San Francisco and a New York office is in the planning. Thomas, with a charisma reminiscent of Steve Jobs, gave the audience an insight into the entrepreneurial mindset and the ups and downs of setting up a company from scratch.

Next up were Tatiana Kunsmann and Jannic Binder (both MIM 2017/2018), both consultants in Strategic Risk Advisory at Deloitte, and both recruited by their International Corporate Finance lecturer, Chris Müller, Director, Risk Advisory at Deloitte. They work in a team mainly consisting of MIM graduates! They provided a good insight into the job of consultant at Deloitte. Interesting was also that Deloitte recruits graduates from very diverse backgrounds and nationalities and that female leadership is currently an important topic for the company.

Marc Kübler (MIM 2017/2018) then presented his company MHP Management and IT Beratung GmbH (a Porsche company) where he works as a consultant in the service unit Financial Performance and Strategy. The final two presentations of the day were EY presentations. First Julius Nausch (MIM 2015/2016) presented EY Parthenon GmbH, a subsidiary of EY, which does strategic consultancy for its global client base. Finally, Jimmy Powar (MIM 2016/2017) talked about the Auditplus Trainee programme at EY that he is currently doing.

All in all, it was a very interesting event with a lot of useful insights into companies that were all recruiting and many of whom also had thesis options.