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ESB Business School – One of the Best Business Schools Worldwide

ESB Business School Earns AACSB Accreditation

author: Katrin Molnar

ESB Business School has been awarded the AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) seal of approval by one of the world's leading accreditation organisations for business education. The decision confirms the faculty’s fulfilment of superior quality standards in education and research. Indeed, only five percent of all business schools worldwide possess this esteemed title.

On 28th July, the AACSB Board of Directors confirmed that ESB Business School had been awarded with the coveted AACSB seal of approval. The review team recommendation took place in May after the final inspection on the Reutlingen campus. "AACSB accreditation certifies that we are among the top business schools in the world. It goes without saying that we are proud and see this as confirmation of our hard work," states Prof. Dr. Andreas Taschner, Dean of ESB Business School. "The AACSB accreditation is a strategically important milestone for ESB. It demonstrates that we conduct teaching and research at the highest international level. This is also important for the expansion of our global partner university networks as well as our positioning in research projects and industry cooperation."

Only around 850 business schools worldwide carry this endorsement, including leading American universities such as the Harvard Business School or the Yale School of Management. In Germany, alongside ESB Business School with its business studies and industrial engineering degree programmes, only ten other business schools have been accredited by AACSB, of which only one is also a university of applied sciences.

"We are collectively thrilled about the success of ESB Business School", congratulates Prof. Dr. Hendrik Brumme, President of Reutlingen University. "The AACSB accreditation testifies that ESB operates at an extremely high standard by global comparison."

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, AACSB for short, is the most internationally recognised accreditation institution for business schools. In order to receive the renowned seal, business schools, which are often the business faculties of universities in Germany, must meet the 15 quality standards of the non-profit organisation. These include such criteria as excellent teaching qualifications, curricula development, student engagement, learning and participation, a high level of quality education across all degree programmes, and excellence and innovation in research.

Adherence to AACSB standards is monitored and reviewed within a five-year process according to strict stipulations, whereby both written reporting and on-site inspections are key. The AACSB accreditation demands that quality processes be in place across all programmes and degrees, and also places emphasis on the high standard and frequency of research. AACSB will only award accreditation if it is convinced that a business school works permanently and consistently to the predefined quality parameters. AACSB also attaches great importance to the continuous improvement process and thus the renewal of accreditation is expected every five years.