ESB welcomes North Carolina State University’s Wolfpack

BSc International Management Double Degree is hosting summer school for it’s IPBS partner

Julie Dengler

For the 7th year in a row, ESB Business School’s BSc International Management Double Degree program (IMX) is hosting a 6 week summer school for its’ IPBS (International Partnership of Business Schools) partner North Carolina State University (NCSU). This year, 32 students are taking part in the program and they are accompanied by 2 NCSU professors. The "Wolf Pack" is the nickname of the athletic teams representing North Carolina State University (NCSU) and all NC State students are considered part of the pack. The summer school is a compact program that includes Financial Management and Introduction to Managerial Accounting, which are taught by NCSU Prof. Dr. Helmut Hergeth and Prof. Dr. Thomas Dow as well as a history and current issues course about the European Union that is taught by EU expert Mr. Nils Bunjes.

The group arrived on May 16th and the program officially began on May 17th. Their 1st day was filled with information to help them survive in their temporary place of study which included a campus and city tour led by Julie Dengler. That afternoon, Prof. Dr. Naeve led the group up Reutlingen’s highest mountain-the Achalm for a breathtaking view of their new surroundings.

As part of their orientation, the group was introduced to Tübingen. They were treated to a scenic guided tour, punting boat ride and dinner at the Neckarmüller. They were joined by one of their pack mates who is finishing her 8th semester of the double-degree program along with several ESB German students who will be spending 2 years in the double-degree program at NCSU. They networked and exchanged tips about living in Germany vs. America with each other while enjoying their traditional German meals.

Besides attending lectures in Reutlingen, they have already toured the Daimler plant in Sindelfingen and were given insight to the many career opportunities Daimler has to offer through Joanne Dittrich, from HR Development & HR Services and they were given an interesting presentation from ESB Business School graduate Niklas Ewald from Daimler Planning and Reporting Revenue Controlling USA. They also toured the Berg Beer brewery in Ehingen (Berg) and learned about the historical brewing process Germany is famous for. There are several other company visits planned including a visit to Stoll, Liebherr, Bosch and EY, and they will also visit cultural sites including Heidelberg, Dachau, Rüdesheim, Frankfurt and Munich.

For many of the students it is the first time they have travelled outside of the United States of America. Many of them are still facing culture shock, but they are also enjoying their free time with numerous travel options at their doorstep.