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Minister sees "Transferplattform BW Industrie 4.0" as a chance for medium-sized companies in Baden-Wuerttemberg

Baden-Württembergs Ministerin für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Wohnungsbau informierte sich auf der Industrietagung auch über Projekte der ESB Logistiklernfabrik.
Baden-Württembergs Ministerin für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Wohnungsbau informierte sich auf der Industrietagung auch über Projekte der ESB Logistiklernfabrik.

Baden-Wuerttemberg‘s Minister for Economic Affairs, Employment and Housing underlined the importance of TPBW I4.0 at the Conference of the “Transferplattform BW Industrie 4.0” (Industrial Platform BW Industry 4.0) in Stuttgart. Dr Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut is convinced that the Transform Platform helps to continue the success story “industry from the Ländle, the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg”. 

TPBW I4.0, which is funded by the Ministry for Economic Affairs, was founded two years ago by the Universities of Aalen, Reutlingen and Esslingen in cooperation with the Steinbeis Foundation. Its aim is to show small and medium-sized companies in Baden-Wuerttemberg the opportunities of Industry 4.0 technologies and to provide a low-threshold entry into viable projects.

In her keynote address at the Industrial Conference the minister emphasised the importance of medium-sized companies for Baden-Wuerttemberg and the scope of digitisation, especially for SMEs, concluding with the words: “The Transfer Platform BW Industry 4.0 creates transparency, gives advice and can be used as a research and development partner. It provides a boost to our small and medium-sized companies on the way to Industry 4.0. It creates innovative and “tangible“ solutions for the digitisation of industrial value.“

The 2019 Industrial Conference of the TPBW I4.0 showed the striking variety of products and services and the implementation expertise of the universities that are integrated in the platform. This became particularly evident in the vivid demonstrations given by the project partners and the interesting and entertaining lectures.

One of the lectures included a project which researchers at ESB Business School carried out in cooperation with AX Semantics GmbH: The project partners developed a solution for error management which thanks to self-learning algorithms prepares detailed and clearly formulated error messages. “It shows on the responsible worker’s smartphone or tablet which problem has occurred, how they can eliminate it, which tool they need to do so and the probable cause of the error”, explains ESB Business School professor Daniel Palm. As soon as a machine reports an error, it issues detailed instructions, thus shortening costly downtimes. ESB Business School also shared a stand with partners from industry at the exhibition and presented applications and potential application fields for industry and research.   

The 200 hundred visitors to the 2019 Industrial Conference were able to see for themselves that the Minister’s words also find an extraordinary response in industry. Accordingly, both visitors and exhibitors were very satisfied and impressed by the many, subject-related discussions. The very knowledgeable audience took the opportunity to find out about virtual reality, digital twin, artificial intelligence or predictive maintenance and discussed with the exhibitors questions around IIoT, edge cloud and self-calibrating localization in logistics and assembly.  

The 2019 Industrial Conference was a successful showcase of broad expertise which is transported by the high commitment of the universities involved and by Steinbeis into the SMEs. Cooperation with project partners from industry and education that has evolved to date has shown both the impact of and the need for this institution. The concluding lecture by Professor Würslin, the Transfer Platform’s initiator, therefore highlighted the way to cooperation. With “How can my SME cooperate with TPBW I4.0“, the brief and vividly presented project examples ended with the message that it is worthwhile to enter into a dialogue with the Transfer Platform.     

Industrial platform BW Industrie 4.0: https://www.tpbw-i40.de/transferplattform/hochschule-reutlingen/ 

Industrial conference 2019: https://www.tpbw-i40.de/industrietagung-erfolgreiche-i4-0-kmu-projekte/