System accreditation by the FIBAA

ESB Business School has been system accredited by the FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) since 2013.

The system accreditation confirms that ESB Business School has its own independent quality management system which guarantees the attainment of qualification targets and of the quality standards of the study programmes. All study programmes at ESB Business School pass through comprehensive internal quality assurance procedures and thus achieve accreditation.

FIBAA systemakkreditiert

The evaluation report of the FIBAA confirms:  

“On the basis of the documents viewed on site as well as on the meetings held on site the experts were able to satisfy themselves that ESB Business School lives its internal quality assurance system. The experts experienced ESB Business School together with its alumni and professions as a community which sets high quality standards on itself and also meets them.”

ESB Business School was accredited without conditions for six years until the end of the winter semester 2019/20 and has been awarded the quality seal of the German Accreditation Council.

Institutional accreditation by the FIBAA

Since 2015 Institutional Strategic Management of ESB Business School has also been awarded accreditation by the FIBAA.

The seal of quality for “Institutional Strategic Management Accreditation“ certifies ESB Business School’s innovative capacity, forward-looking approached and entrepreneurial thinking and actions.

The expert report states that ESB Business School has developed a coherent, credible and effectively anchored focus. Its international focus, particularly in teaching and learning, meets the standards of all target groups.  

The seal of quality for “Institutional Strategic Management Accreditation“ was awarded without further requirements and shall apply until 2021.

Programme accreditation by FIBAA

The FIBAA Premium Seal is awarded to study programmes that exceed the defined requirements in terms of concept, content and structure and thus achieve a special quality.

FIBAA Premium

The following programs have been awarded the FIBAA Premium Seal:

as well as the part-time Master's programs in cooperation with the Knowledge Foundation@Reutlingen University (KFRU)

The study programme International Purchasing Management (M.Sc.) created in 2018 in cooperation with the Knowledge Foundation was accredited by FIBAA and bears the seal of the German Accreditation Council.

Website of FIBAA

International accreditation by AACSB

ESB Business School is committed to the international quality standards and is seeking international accreditation by the AACSB. The AACSB is the biggest accreditation agency worldwide with demanding quality requirements on the management training of business schools.

ESB Business School gained eligibility status for the AACSB in 2014.

Website of AACSB