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Welcome to ESB Business School

Whether you are a potential applicant, a representative of a company, or already one of our students, as Dean of ESB Business School at Reutlingen University, I extend a warm welcome.

We are one of Germany's leading international business schools, and one of the first state institutions to offer integrated international degrees, which ESB Business School has awarded for 40 years now. ESB Business School is part of Reutlingen University, a state-owned university in Baden-Württemberg. With nearly 60 professors and around 2,400 students, ESB Business School is one of the biggest business schools in Germany. For many years, ESB Business School has consistently been at the top of all league tables in the university rankings carried out by specialist journals and rating agencies (e.g. CHE, Wirtschaftswoche, Junge Karriere).

Our campus in Reutlingen has been the second home to many of our students from Germany and abroad. Anybody who has studied at ESB Business School and had the opportunity to experience the spirit of the school will always remain close to us through our alumni network. The large number of members of our alumni network, with its mentoring and recruiting programmes, offer privileged opportunities for career starts and advancement. Enthusiastic and proactive students are our trademark. Student life outside the classrooms is an important part of our programme, and we support student-organised activities such as company contact fairs, public discussions and debates, relay tours, and other sports and cultural events. Our students work hard at their studies, but can also enjoy a good social life at Reutlingen University.

Whether you are entering one of our undergraduate programmes, or are looking to further your career by taking one of our master's programmes, we have the right solution for nearly all business education requirements. If you have any questions, our Student Services Team will be glad to hear from you.

Experience the legendary ESB Spirit and the ever increasing importance of networking between alumni and active students.

Join the ESB Spirit

Prof. Dr. Ottmar Schneck

Dean ESB Business School, Reutlingen University

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