International Business Fair

The International Business Fair at ESB Business School (IBF) is a career fair on the campus of Reutlingen University. The next dates are the 25th and 26th April 2017.

ESB Business School organises the fair in cooperation with active students from the Student Network.


8:00h - 9:30h Lectures according to schedule
9:30h Opening of the IBF
9:45h - 16:00h Interviews & company presentations (Building 5 & 17)
12:00h - 13:30h Lunch break at Aula (Building 6) Fair continues
16:00h Get together
17:15h Lectures according to schedule
Wednesday evening IBF After-Party

Information for companies

You are interested in participating at the International Business Fair?

What does the International Business Fair have to offer?

Our annual business fair will again take place next year, where you have the opportunity, at one of two days, to represent your company and get in contact with the students of ESB Business School in Reutlingen. As an exhibiting company, you present your company in the International Business Fair brochure, where the students are able to obtain some information about your corporation. Further, you are provided with a stand, where your ambassador has the chance to attain conversations on the spot.

We provide you with an opportunity to hold a 20 minutes’ presentation with detailed information concerning your association. Pre-arranged interviews with selected students can be conducted as well.


Who you can reach?

You can reach 1,200 Bachelor and Master students of ESB Business School, Reutlingen University. Through practical oriented and valuable studies, ESB Business School has brought out specially qualified graduates, which are very demanded in the labor market. You have the chance to attract these skilled personnel at an early stage.


For further information, please contact the Career Center.

Information for students

Like every year in the International Business Fair, all of the students will have the chance to present themselves to attractive companies and to obtain first-hand information.

Why our students should not miss this unique opportunity? The IBF will give them access to renowned and internationally operating companies which will be available as always for one-to-one conversations on the company stands. In 20-minute presentations the companies introduce themselves and answer the students‘ questions. Further, in interviews the students have the opportunity to obtain a place for an internship, a thesis or even a job offer.

The IBF makes the application process significantly easier for our students:

  • Students get to know their direct contact persons for applications and do not have to spend a lot of time asking around for the correct contact details
  • They know beforehand which jobs are being offered by the companies
  • The can be sure that their academic education and qualifications are interesting for the companies (otherwise they wouldn’t come to the IBF)
  • Our students don’t have to travel all over the world but the companies come directly to them on the campus of Reutlingen University!

Even if you do not wish to apply for a particular job, by attending the fair you can build up and expand your network and establish contacts to industry.

Our IBF is therefore interesting for students from any degree programme and any semester. We hope that all of the students at ESB Business School will make full use of this opportunity again this year. We are looking forward to two highly interesting days in autumn followed by the after-IBD party which is guaranteed to be first-class!

You will find up-to-date information on the Facebook page

By clicking onto the link you can download the arrangements for lectures on the days of the fair and how to inform us if you are unable to attend the fair.

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