Code of Conduct


"Within an educational environment that is truly international, we develop leaders who shape global business practice and society responsibly".

Mission Statement of the ESB Business School


As a set of specific standards of good behaviour, the code of conduct complements our mission statement. The objective of the code of conduct is to capture the ESB community’s shared understanding of standards of good conduct in written form. It will help us to act in accordance with the ESB norms and values, which will foster the achievement of our goals as described in our mission statement.

The code of conduct applies equally to all members of our ESB affiliation, including:

  • the students of every program
  • the academic staff members
  • the non-academic staff members
  • the faculty members
  • the ESB alumni

We shall strive for exemplary conduct in everything we do in our roles as members of the ESB community.


  • We shall treat each other with respect, fairness, and tolerance.
  • We shall value people regardless of characteristics or attributes such as nationality, age, physical ability, skin colour, religion, social status, sexual orientation, or other traits similar to those mentioned.
  • We shall support the active integration of all ESB members, especially international ones, into our community.


  • We shall act in a trustworthy manner and behave with integrity.
  • We shall create a safe environment for everyone by acting fairly and benevolently.  
  • We shall avoid or resolve conflicts between personal interests and those of the ESB Business School.


  • We shall be aware of our social and professional responsibilities towards the ESB community and global society and strive to behave accordingly.
  • We shall be aware of and shall strive to seek solutions to the urgent challenges in business and in society.
  • We shall respect ESB resources and use them in a responsible manner.


  • We shall be dedicated to the ESB Business school goals of ‘developing leaders who shape global business practices and society responsibly’ within an educational environment that is truly international.
  • We shall actively support the ESB values of respect, trust and accountability.
  • We shall act as a corporate citizen for the local community and beyond.

In order to live up to our mission:

  • We actively participate in the activities of UN Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME).
  • We integrate the ESB norms and values in our teaching, research and governance.
  • We continuously reflect upon and develop our code of conduct in our Faculty Council.