We explain the ESB Business School: ESB – in simple language. 


Learning at ESB 

At ESB young people get very good training for working in business.

This kind of training is called studies.

These studies take several years.

The people learning at ESB are called students.

Many students from around the world study at ESB.


Well prepared for a profession

Lessons at ESB prepare students for working in companies. When the students work in

companies, it is called an internship or practical semester.

In this way, the students get a lot of experience for their jobs later on. 

At the end of their studies, the students must pass one or two examinations. 

The Bachelor examination comes first. The Master examination second. Not all students do the Master examination. When they pass this examination, they become ESB graduates. 

They know a lot about trade, the economy and industry. Some even know how to design a factory.


After studying

After their studies, ESB graduates work in companies.

Maybe as the head of a department.

Or they set up their own company.

They will make important decisions.

ESB graduates’ work helps make a company successful.