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Student Life at ESB Business School

Where will I live, how will I get by financially, and who will help me get started at ESB Business School?

Here you’ll find the most important tips and contact points, get insights into campus life and the ESB Student Network, and receive information about Reutlingen and the region.


Student housing, an apartment or a flat-share? You are sure to find the right home in Reutlingen!

Money matters

Part-time work, student allowance or student loan? Find out about various ways to finance your studies.

Living in Reutlingen

Whether you are looking forward to your own four walls, the community of a shared apartment or a dormitory room on campus, all options are open to you for living in and around Reutlingen.

Many housing options are passed down from generation to generation among ESB students. Despite the changes between lecture, study abroad and internship semesters, it is no problem to always find the right place to stay.

Residence halls

Directly on campus or in the immediate vicinity of the university - with a dormitory room, you can get from bed to lecture hall in record time. In addition to the houses of the Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim and the GWG Reutlingen, there are also some private offers. 

You can find an overview of all dormitories in Reutlingen here. 

Room and apartment search portal

You prefer to live within your own four walls? In the room and apartment search portal of Reutlingen University you will find offers in different sizes and price ranges.

Go to the room and apartment search portal of Reutlingen University.

In addition, you will find numerous apartment and shared apartment offers in and around Reutlingen in the local daily newspaper as well as the usual online portals.

Money matters

The decision to study is an investment in your own career. To help you finance it well, we present the most important options.


The Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) has been providing state financial support for studying for over 40 years. The contact for BAföG at Reutlingen University is the Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim.

All information about BAföG.


Scholarships for gifted students, private foundations or support programs for specific target groups are just a few of the many scholarship opportunities. The range of funding amounts and eligibility criteria is wide, so it is worthwhile to conduct detailed research.

More information on scholarship opportunities for students at Reutlingen University.

Part time jobs

Many ESB Business School students have mini-jobs or work as student trainees in our company network. In addition, there are also numerous job offers in and around Reutlingen.

Go to the job portal Jobteaser of ESB Business School.

Go to the job portal Jobteaser of Reutlingen University.

Student loans and student grants

Many banks and savings banks offer loans specifically for student financing. However, when examining the offers, a close look is called for.

One reputable provider is the development bank Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW).

Here you will find information on the KfW student loan.

Parties, projects, internships: ESB around the World!

Reutlingen University

ESB Business School is one of the faculties at the state-administered Reutlingen University You will find all important institutions on our green campus, within walking distance of the city centre.

Learning Centre

Digital and analogue research, quiet workspaces, study and writing advice and more are available at Reutlingen University’s Learning Centre.

University Sports

HIIT, football or equipment training: University sports  are open to all students! Further sports activities are available directly at ESB Business School.


Student Services Tübingen-Hohenheim provide nourishment and fresh energy in the canteen at Reutlingen University.


Reutlingen International Office

The Reutlingen International Office (RIO)  is the central point of contact for the university's international services - for German and international students.



Advice and support on all aspects of studying is not only available directly in all degree programmes at ESB Business School, but also in the StudienServiceCenter.


ESB Career Center

The ESB Career Center provides support in your career development, with workshop, thesis and internship services, career fairs, counselling and more.

Student parliament

The Reutlingen University student parliament (STUPA) represents the interests of the students and deals with art, culture and sport on campus.


ekhg & quiet room

The ekhg Reutlingen  and the "quiet room" are open to students of all confessions who wish to pray, meditate or seek peace and quiet, singly or in groups.


Between Stuttgart and the Swabian Jura

Studying in Reutlingen also means experiencing the charm of the old town, a lively cultural and pub scene, the Swabian Jura hills and the metropolis of Stuttgart just up the road. In and around Reutlingen there are many global players and hidden champions in industry, plenty of green, open spaces - and urban city life.




ESB in 360

Virtual Tour

Want to discover the campus from all sides? Want to see behind closed doors? Come with us on the 360° tour!



ESB Student Network

Planning parties, solving problems

The ESB Student Network is all about life outside of lectures. In numerous projects, our students actively shape everyday life at ESB Business School and pass on the ESB spirit from generation to generation.

ESB Student Network

The ESB Student Network is the direct line between students and the faculty board. It includes

  • IB Vision and StuCo for the BSc International Business,
  • StuBue for the BSc International Management Double Degree,
  • StuVe for the BSc International Industrial Engineering - Operations and the BSc Industrial Engineering - Sustainable Production and Business,
  • as well as representatives of the Master's programs.

The ESB Student Network regularly consults with the ESB Business School Board, provides feedback on the current situation of the student body, and makes suggestions for improvement.

In addition to joint projects and parties, the sub-organizations of the ESB Student Network also make an important contribution in their study programs, for example in the integration of new students or through special support for international students.

Insights into the work of the ESB Student Network as well as student life at ESB Business School can be found on the social media channels of the student organizations linked above.

Student initiatives

From Student Consulting to NMUN

Advising companies, cycling for a good cause or travelling to the United Nations in New York: The student initiatives at ESB Business School are the ESB spirit made manifest and teach important extracurricular skills. And above all, they are fun!

Student initiatives

Our students live the ESB Spirit, be it in the organization of the ESB Business Forum, in their own consulting projects or as ambassadors at National Model United Nations (NMUN). Here you will find an overview and links to the most important student initiatives at ESB Business School.

Student initiatives

Every year, ESB Business School students cycle for a good cause as part of ESB Cycling for Charity.

After months of preparation and training, the team heads to different destinations throughout Europe and collects donations along the way.

The route and logistics planning, sponsor acquisition as well as the organization and execution of the tour are completely in the hands of the students.

At the traditional departure event, the entire faculty comes together to cheer on the ESB Cycling for Charity team.

Go to the ESB Cycling for Charity website

With around 330 members, the Investmentclub ESB Business School e.V. is the largest student initiative at Reutlingen University and open to all faculties.

The semester program is based on current trends and members' wishes. Every semester, lectures with external companies from the financial sector, exciting workshops and competitions are offered.

In order to pick up all members according to their previous knowledge, there are events for newcomers (Stock Exchange Driving License, Stock Exchange Basics), advanced students (Private Equity & Investment Banking) and experts (Investment Circle).

To the website of the Investmentclub ESB Business School e.V.

For more than 50 years, the UN Model Conference National Model United Nations has been held, in which students discuss global conflict solutions in the role of international decision-makers.

After an intensive preparation phase in their home country, more than 5,000 students from all over the world meet at the UN Headquarters in New York City to participate in the largest conference of its kind.

Since 2009, Reutlingen University under the leadership of ESB Business School has been a successful participant of NMUN and is always among the best German delegations. 

The current NMUN team informs on instagram

ESB Student Consulting e.V. is the student consultancy of ESB Business School. The association is open to students of all faculties and advises non-profit organizations, associations and start-ups as well as established business enterprises on a pro bono basis. 

Around 100 students from all departments and faculties form interdisciplinary teams and work together on concepts, strategies and solution options for their clients.

To strengthen and complement the expertise gained during their studies, ESB Student Consulting e.V. offers its members regular workshops and seminars.

Go to the website of ESB Student Consulting e.V.

The ESB Business Forum is a public panel discussion on current topics in business, politics and society.

The event series was founded by students in the fall of 1996 and is organized again each year by a student team. High-profile experts from the fields of science, business and politics discuss red-hot issues every year.

The current team of the ESB Business Forum informs on instagram

Welcome to Baden-Württemberg

Welcome to the “Ländle”! Here in Reutlingen you’ll be studying in one of Europe's strongest industrial regions, ideally located between the Black Forest and Lake Constance in the four-country corner of Germany - France - Austria - Switzerland.

Stuttgart metropolitan area

The Church of St. Mary, Reutlingen

Lichtenstein Castle

Stuttgart TV tower

Reutlingen city centre

Hohenzollern Castle

Lake Constance

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