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Experiences of students & alumni

Luwam H. Hadgu

Graduated (German-USA link), Associate Consultant within the ERP & Customer department at KPMG

What were your personal highlights during the MIM Programme?

I have had the privilege of working with extraordinary minds on countless exciting projects, in two different countries. I have acquired profound knowledge, grew as a person, met highly interesting people and built a unique network I can always rely. The MIM Programme provides a significant set of skills that really matches the diverse challenges I regularly face at KPMG.

What makes the MIM Programme so unique?

There are two things that make the MIM Programme so unique. First of all, the intercultural environment that is truly unlike any other. The MIM gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself with different mindsets and cultures, which for me is the only approach to really learn and grow as a person. Second, it’s the access to one of the largest business school networks that grants every single member opportunities in companies across the world.

Your message to current and prospective students.

Beyond doubt, focusing on your studies and your academic performance is crucial at ESB. However, I highly recommend to perceive your fellow students, professors and alumni as great resources you can learn and benefit from. My experience is that knowledge is not always acquired by reading books and papers, it’s acquired in intense discussions with your fellow students.

Anastasia Prokofyeva

MIM Student, (German-Fench Track)

Where did you do your bachelor’s degree?
My bachelor’s degree in Management I got in Russia, Moscow at RANEPA (Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration) at the faculty of IBS (International Business Studies). 

Why have you decided to do the NEOMA-ESB MIM programme?
First of all, it gives me the opportunity to get the most from both schools in terms of knowledge and building my network. Secondly, the program allows me to study in two European countries, enabling me to better understand how to adapt to and work in the European market. 

Why did you choose these two schools?
My choice of NEOMA was made based on information I got during my bachelor degree. IBS and NEOMA are international exchange partners, so I heard good reviews from friends who went there. Speaking of ESB, first of all I was looking for a German university to continue studying business and management. So, I checked several reviews and rankings platforms to find a suitable school for my Master’s and it was ESB Business School!

What value added do you expect the MIM to give your profile?
The program will allow me to be more valuable as a professional on the market. It will broaden my portfolio as it combines international content and international exposure by actually living and studying in two countries. Plus, I also have the option of writing my thesis with a company – in Germany or anywhere else in world – which means I can also gain more work experience during the programme.

What do you hope to do when you have finished your master studies?
After finishing my master’s degree, I hope to work in a large International or German company in Germany, ideally in the area of consultancy or the automotive industry. 

What were the highlights of the study block in Reims for you?
Speaking in terms of the business school (NEOMA) itself, the obvious thing was that it was very international, even in our class of 40 students, we had 13 nationalities. The modules were well-planned in terms of the order in which we studied them. The content logically structured and the modules were connected with one another so that I felt it made sense to have these modules. Concerning the city of Reims, it’s small (when you come from Moscow!) but, nice. It is a great place to study and an ideal base from which to explore in your free time (e.g. Paris is very close). It has its own fascinating history and then there are the Champagne houses...!! 

What is like to be a MIM student at the ESB?
I really like being a student at the ESB. I find the international atmosphere of the school very exciting. I feel I am learning a lot in the lectures and there is a good level of support provided for international students. The programme definitely has a lot of work attached to it with group and individual assignments, but I feel that these are helping me to improve my business knowledge and my skillset. There is definitely a difference to being an undergraduate as you are expected to be more organized and more self-motivated, without being pushed by your professors.

Vaea Debrune

Graduated IPBS French-German link 2018, MIM Student (Irish-German link 2018/19)

Vaea, you are a graduate of the double degree BSc International Management between the ESB Business School at Reutlingen University & NEOMA Business School, why have you decided to do the Dublin-Reutlingen  MIM program for your master studies?

I have chosen the MIM program as it is a part of the IPBS network, therefore allowing me to build on the knowledge I obtained during my four years of undergraduate study. I was very satisfied with the double-degree program and I know the teaching provided by the IPBS network is excellent since I was able to experience it first hand as an undergraduate. So for me it was a natural next step to decide to do the MIM program. The fact that the whole program is taught in English was very important for me in order to improve my English skills. At the same time being able to practice German daily in Reutlingen outside of classes allows me also to maintain my level of German.

Why did you choose these two schools?

I decided to continue studying at the ESB because I was really impressed by the quality of the school during my undergraduate studies. Also I really want to work in Germany after my studies and I know that choosing ESB will help to open a lot of doors to me in interesting companies in the Germany. During my Bachelor I already had the opportunity to talk with many Irish people. Their openness and friendly character as well as their positive feedback about their studies at DCU and the city of Dublin made me want to study there and learn more about Ireland.

What value added do you expect the MIM to give your profile?

My expectations from the MIM program are the following:

  • Making my profile even more international.
  • Improving my written and oral skills in
  • Advancing my knowledge regarding international management.
  • Increasing my job opportunities (in terms of position and salary) as the master degree is a higher level degree than the Bachelor.

What do you hope to do when you have finished your master studies?

I am currently interested in the automotive sector and would like to work in supply chain after my studies.

What were the highlights of the study block in Dublin for you?

Living in Dublin for one semester was an amazing experience. The huge campus is like a little town. I remember how impressed I was the first time I saw it! The exploration of the country with its beautiful and very wild landscapes remain one of the best memories. I enjoyed walking along the River Liffey in Dublin when the sun was shining and I really appreciated the kindness of the local inhabitants. 

How is being a graduate student at the ESB different to being an undergraduate?

The master degree builds on and advances the knowledge acquired at bachelor level. As with ESB undergraduate programmes, you also need to be organised and motivated to succeed in the MIM programme. What I like in the graduate program is that there are less students per class, the courses are more interactive and the teachers are closer to their students.

Anton Huber

Graduated (Germany-France-Track),
acterience management partners GmbH & Co. KG,

What were your personal highlights during the MIM Programme?

Early confrontation with cross-national teams during the programme led to an unconsidered complexity in fulfilling tasks. While getting along with different cultures might seem tough at first, such projects have an immense impact and are of significant value both in terms of the professional as well as the personal development. Getting to know industry representatives e.g. at the alumni event or at workshops organized for the course was both highly interesting and beneficial.

What makes the MIM Programme so unique?

The MIM programme promotes personal development. I had to perform a fast transition from bachelor to master studies and wanted to complete a master’s degree in a year without lagging behind in knowledge compared to graduates with equal degrees. These requirements were precisely met.
While night shifts were part of it, they pay out: during my job application process, ESB’s name and reputation were frequently mentioned favorably. Furthermore, thesis supervision was excellent and I felt very well taken care of. I can confirm, that this programme enabled me to do an academic thesis that was valuable to me and to the company I wrote it with.

Your message to current and prospective students.

Enjoy the time at your partner university and at ESB, as it fades way too fast. In conclusion, IPBS MIM in one sentence: an effective preparation for the world of academia, business and consulting.
To learn more about acterience management partners, just click on the following link:

Tim Seelmann

Graduated (Germany-Mexico-Track)
Zalando SE
Key Account Manager Partner Program

What were your personal highlights during the MIM Programme?

Studying in Mexico was one of my best personal experiences up to this point in time. Being able to combine professional training with trips to some of the most fascinating places in Latin America is a true fortune.

What makes the MIM Programme so unique?

Coming together with students from different cultural and professional backgrounds as well as studying at excellent universities in multiple countries make this program unique and help you grow not only on a professional, but also on a personal level. A wide offer of courses combined with experienced professors and practical orientated teaching methods perfectly prepare you for a professional career in Global Players from a variety of industries.  

Your message to current and prospective students.

If you are interested in a compact, practical orientated and international master program, that gives students from diverse study backgrounds the opportunity to deepen their skills in International Management, then the IPBS MIM is a perfect fit for you. I can only recommend to enjoy the time, to learn from other fellow students, to experience different cultures and countries and to use the time to make essential personal and professional contacts. 

Photo Malik Fahad Younas
Malik Fahad Younas

Graduated (Germany-USA-Track)

Selecting the track
The MSc programme in International Management is really diverse and unique. In three intensive terms the skills and knowledge that matter in today’s business world are taught and underlying connections shown.
In the course you gain a broad spectrum of methodological knowledge and insights. You learn both the latest concepts as well as those that have been tried and tested within different management disciplines.

Moreover, studying with students from diverse cultural backgrounds gets you to see problems from different perspectives and to develop new solutions that help you develop not only professionally but also personally.

Why Boston / USA?
I chose the USA Track (D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University) and Germany (ESB Business School at Reutlingen University). For me as a Pakistani the opportunity to study on different continents with different university systems and teaching approaches was fascinating.  

The time in Boston gave me the chance to experience top-class teaching at a rapidly growing institution in the Northeast of the USA. University teaching in the United States is very much like school, yet with an integrated and really comprehensible approach. The “community spirit” is truly remarkable, as is very often the case at American universities. On top of that, Northeastern University was recently voted one of the TOP 10 universities with the best location. And rightly so since the campus is very well appointed and has good access to downtown.

The classes are rounded off by lectures from professional life, for example by specialists from the “forensic accounting” department of KPMG, and networking events in the city’s harbour district.

Why Reutlingen / Germany?
First and foremost Germany is the country of origin of such reputable companies as Daimler, Porsche, Allianz, Siemens, Volkswagen and many other global players. I believe that the reason for diverse innovative products and services is to be found in the education system.

ESB gives me the opportunity to study at a well-known and experienced business school that attaches great importance to the practical experience of its lecturers. Many of them have worked at or for the above mentioned companies, which ultimately benefits all the students.

Foto Michael Oberdorfer & Ferdinand Fetscher
Michael Oberdorfer (left) & Ferdinand Fetscher (right)

Graduated (Germany-Mexico-track)

Selecting the track
The MSc International Management Programme provides the opportunity to select a personal track from a pool of very attractive universities in Europe and North America. We, Michael Oberdorfer and Ferdinand Fetscher, opted for the combination of UDLAP (Universidad de las Américas Puebla) and ESB Business School. During our Bachelor studies we had already had experience abroad in Europe, so our decision was quickly made: we were going to North America!

Why Mexico?
There were several reasons for why we chose Mexico. Although this Latin American country has received negative headlines again and again over the last few years, especially in the German and European press, about violent events in connection with drug gangs, the country, especially the Puebla region, is looking positively into the future. Puebla is one of the most prosperous regions in Mexico, mainly because of the strong automotive industry: Volkswagen de México has been operating a production plant in Puebla since 1964 and Audi is also opening a new factory in Puebla at a cost of one billion euros. Puebla is therefore very interesting for management students: UDLAP graduates are very sought after at all the companies in the region. The many international companies ensure a very good infrastructure in Mexico’s third largest city, but in particular also a very high level of safety by Mexican standards. At the same time the low cost of living in Mexico and the heavenly travel destinations within the country also play a decisive part for all the students.

Information on the cost of living in Mexico: Country Information Mexico of the DAAD

Studying at UDLAP
UDLAP enjoys an excellent reputation in Mexico, has a very good network in the international university scene and is regularly voted the best private university in Mexico. The organisation as well as support for us was a lot better than we had expected in Mexico or than we know of many state universities in Germany. Most of the classes are mandatory as stipulated in the IPBS programme. Yet we still had the opportunity to change classes. UDLAP is superbly equipped with everything students could wish for. At times we found ourselves forgetting that we were in fact located in a newly industrializing country. The semester at UDLAP is divided into two terms. Most of the subjects involve a heavy workload since the UDLAP system is based on the American principle. Group work and many assignments are therefore very popular with the professors. Depending on the professor, there may also be mid-term and final exams. With a lot of hard work, however, the two terms at UDLAP are certainly manageable.

Campus life at UDLAP
Life on the campus of the Universidad de las Americas does not only take place in the lecture halls, seminar rooms or in the library. Studying at UDLAP is so much more – beautiful green areas give us students the opportunity to create a harmony between nature and studying or to simply take a short break surrounded by plants or by the lake.

In addition, great value is placed on sport at UDLAP – every student has the opportunity to join a team. Whether American football, volleyball, athletics, swimming, football or just a visit to the gym – every preference is catered for. Campus life is complemented by different offers such as salsa classes, the UDLAP cinema or events for different occasions. The sense of community when doing sports, living together on campus and the meeting of students from all over the world gave us new insights, valuable experiences and unforgettable moments.

Cormac Stafford

Graduated (Germany-USA-Track)

 What were your personal highlights during the MIM Programme?

There were two highlights for me. First, the opening semester at Northeastern. The winter semester in Boston opened my eyes to the renowned American style of education and campus living which was totally different from what I had experienced before. A strong connection to the business world, state of art facilities, a city-sized university and a natural campus buzz were all at our fingertips within the heart of one of the world’s most student-oriented cities. The second highlight was the very high standard of learning and the advanced level of topics taught at ESB. The prestige, professionalism and high academic standards at ESB were a big help to me in understanding the type of career I wanted; it was a big influence for me to pursue a positon in strategy consulting.

What makes the MIM Programme so unique?

The MIM Programme allows you to study across two leading universities. It allowed me to further understand my ambitions for an intentionally focused consulting career. It also opened my eyes to an international network of students, professors and companies. The degree has excellent professors, most of whom have a professional business or industrial based background which can be brought in to enhance the learning experience. The MIM programme takes you out of your comfort zone but gives you a wealth of cross cultural experience that will really stand to you in your future career. I have drawn on my experience in Boston and Reutlingen a great deal thus far in my own professional career.

Your message to current and prospective students.

The MIM programme is a true stand out. This program has expanded my network of contacts and friends. The MIM program brings together a unique make up of talented students with different cultural fabric. In addition, the MIM programme gave me some valuable life experience and learning that cannot be attained inside a classroom. New friends, professional connections and cultural involvements across continents are just some of the experiences the MIM program has provided me with; I’m proud to be an MIM alumni

Julius Huck

Graduated (Germany-USA-Track)
Ebner Stolz,
Consulting Analyst

My MIM experience not only allowed me to meet and work with inspiring people from different countries and backgrounds, it also improved my understanding of complex managerial methods. Being at Northeastern added an international perspective to my business studies and the time I spent in Boston allowed me to experience American college life in a fantastic college town. ESB Business School Reutlingen is undoubtedly one of Germany’s most prestigious business schools, which is evident both in and outside class. The professors offered a mix of theory and practice drawing from numerous real world examples.  In my opinion, the lectures at both schools were an excellent complement to the knowledge I obtained during my bachelor’s study and prepared me well to deal with the current challenges I face as a management consultant. I highly recommend the program to anyone who is willing to work hard, enjoys being a team player and is interested in international business.

Christina Döring

Graduated (Germany-USA-Track)
Mars GmbH,
Food Retailing, Junior Sales Manager

What was your best experience during the MIM Programme?
My MIM was the key to my working career! After my first semester in Boston I attended the International Business Fair at the ESB Reutlingen, where I got my job at Mars Chocolate!

What makes the MIM Programme so unique?
The MIM Programme only takes 12-15 months, which made it really attractive to me! It is a very well-structured programme with excellent professors, who mostly have a professional business or industrial background, making the courses more tangible and comprehensible for the students. The MIM programme comprises a good mixture of highly qualitative and quantitative tasks.
The international network and very good universities’ reputation facilitated my first step into working life!

Your message to current and prospective students.
This study year will broaden your soft and hard skills internationally and prepares you for future working life! Make full use of the opportunities offered by the programme’s well-established company network and take part in the universities’ career fairs! Perhaps you will have as much luck as me!