Cooperation partner


HUGO BOSS is one of the leading fashion and lifestyle companies in the premium segment. With over 17,000 employees worldwide, we are dedicated to ensuring the quality of our products.

At HUGO BOSS, we firmly believe that the passion and dedication of our employees is the essence for the successful execution of our “CLAIM 5” growth strategy. A strong commitment to empowering people and teams is therefore firmly anchored in “CLAIM 5”. In this context, our HUGO BOSS values – entrepreneurial spirit, personal ownership, team mentality, simplicity & quality, and youthful spirit – play a key role. They form the guiding principle for day-to-day cooperation and are intended to foster a spirit of mutual trust. The aim is to create an environment that enables all employees to develop their individual talents and thus directly contribute to the success of “CLAIM 5”. On top of that, HUGO BOSS intends to continue positioning itself as one of the most attractive employers in the fashion industry. This, in turn, should enable us to attract the best talents in the sector.


Approximately 17,000 employees worldwide work to ensure the quality of our products. But the passion for fashion isn't the only thing our employees have in common: we also want to inspire people with our work. And this inspiration starts with our employees. That's why we foster a work environment where everyone can bring their personality, ideas, and creativity. Shape your workplace and your professional future in the way that suits you best. Because it's only when we collaborate that something unique is created.

Responsible work, freedom and autonomy, individual training, and a healthy work-life balance — that's a career at HUGO BOSS. Explore the many entry and career opportunities we offer.


At HUGO BOSS, we believe that an inclusive company culture is a source of creativity, strength, and innovation. We value and promote diversity in all its forms, creating an environment of trust and belonging. We want all employees to feel accepted and valued in a work environment that allows them to be their authentic selves and supports them in maximizing their personal potential with innovation and creativity, both for themselves and for their work. As an international fashion and lifestyle company with over 17,000 employees worldwide, we experience every day that diversity is not an obstacle but an essential component for a better future.

With a clear goal in mind of making an active contribution to an inclusive and just world, we, along with our Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion, collaborate closely with the cross-functional internal Diversity Task Force and external stakeholders to fully integrate diversity and inclusion into our business strategies. The Diversity Task Force drives change by promoting greater integration and diversity from the very beginning in all areas.

How can we, as a company, contribute to more inclusion and equality in society? By taking one step at a time, by walking the path together. This path requires the contribution and commitment of each and every one of us - whether as employees, business partners, or members of society.