Cooperation partner

We approach the future with you

Our teams in Audit are responsible for the traditional audit of separate and consolidated financial state-ments. As a prospective auditor, you will support our clients with an independent audit, and your work will also strengthen mutual trust among investors, companies and the public.
Tax law is changing as rapidly as the business environment. Our colleagues in Tax know all about this. Whether for corporate groups or medium-sized companies – you will work on made-to-measure tax adviso-ry services while gaining specialist knowledge of laws and regulations and new technologies.

Our field of Consulting has long been about more than traditional strategic advice or cost cutting. Compa-nies are under ever more pressure to innovate – driven by digitalisation, as well as developments in society and around the world. Today, issues like Industry 4.0, gender equality, digital transformation, VUCA world and agility are shaping the decisions and advice of our consulting teams..

We are a people business

At KPMG we see ourselves as a people business. Our products and innovations stem from the clever minds of our employees, who are tackling the challenges of tomorrow’s world. We therefore need partners and managers who can use feedback to purposefully steer issues relevant to management and our devel-opment – and we equally need up-and-coming talent who want to change the world with us. The combina-tion of strong leadership across various levels of management and ambitious young talent whose strengths are developed through regular project feedback is the key to our success as a people business. At the same time, we want to give individuals room to personally develop their individual strengths.
We believe "the future can do more" – and this is what around 236,000 KPMG employees worldwide are currently working towards. We are looking for people who want to make more out of their future; people who want to work with us at this important intersection of business, the public sphere and society. Be-come a part of our interdisciplinary teams. Learn more about traineeships, internships, student jobs or join-ing us as an employee at KPMG.