Hans-Martin Beyer

Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin BeyerFinance and Accounting (main focus: Corporate Finance)

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Room 109
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Role and Responsibilities
  • Senate Officer of Grants and Awards/Senatsbeauftragter für Stipendien und Begabtenförderung
  • Head of Graduate Partnerships, BSc International Business
  • Executive Program Advisor MSc International Purchasing Management (KFRU)
Focus of Lectures
  • Corporate Finance; International Financial Management/Internationales Finanzmanagement
  • M&A / International Corporate Transactions and Restructuring,
  • Company/Investment Valuation / Investitions- und Unternehmensbewertung
  • International Accounting and Control, Financial Statement Analysis
  • Internationales Rechnungswesen/Controlling, Jahresabschlußanalyse
  • Supply Chain Financial Risk Management
Research Topics
  • Investment / Company Valuation - Investitions- und Unternehmensbewertung
  • M&A/Restructuring - M&A / REstrukturierung
  • Supply Chain Finance / Working Capital Management
  • Financial Risk Management / Risikomanagement
Current Research Projects
  • Supply Chain Finance – e.g. SMEs, risk management
  • Impacts of interest rate changes
    • Since 2006: Reutlingen University
      • Professor of International Corporate Finance
      • Academic/faculty positions and functions:
        Member of Faculty board (since 2006)
        Dean of Studies BSc International Business (2006 - 2014)
        Head of Graduate Partnerships (since 2006)
        Director Finance and Controlling, ESB Business School (2008-2012)
        Treasurer/Vice-Treasurer VIMA (since 2008)
    • PhD University of Stuttgart (1992)
    • Master/graduate degree in business administration and economics (lic. oec.) University of Sankt Gallen (1988)
    • 1992 – 2005: More than 13 years professional/management experience in the automotive industry
      • mainly in strategy and finance positions, including PD controller, Supply chain financial risk management, new business development, M&A/Transactions,
      • Representative / member in several industry associations / expert commissions including American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM), German Industry Association (BDI), German Automotive Manufacturer Association (VDA), European Council for Automotive Research and Development (EUCAR)
    • Ongoing:
      • Consulting / coaching - g. working capital management, supply chain financial risk management, investment management and valuation
      • Customised Management Seminars in Finance, Accounting, Risk Management

Beyer H-M. Working Capital und Liquiditätsmanagement. WISU – Das Wirtschaftsstudium. 2019:  p. 285-287. ISSN: 0340-3084.

Jansen, Jan; Taschner, Andreas; Beyer, Hans-Martin (2018): Supply Chain Finance in SMEs: A comparative study in the automotive sector in Germany and The Netherlands. In: Logistiek - Tijdschrift voor toegepaste logistiek (NR5), S. 59–81. Online verfügbar unter www.kennisdclogistiek.nl/publicaties/logistiek-nr5