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Main Research Areas

Our main research areas are:

  • Strategy: What are the changes in the business models resulting from digitisation (e.g. change from product-oriented to as-a-service business models, development of ecosystems with third-party providers)?
  • Organisation: How do enterprises have to adapt internal structures and roles (e.g. importance of a Chief Digital Officer)? How does innovation and knowledge management change in digital companies? What company-wide forms of organisation will be created?
  • Human resources: How should enterprises react to the digitisation of work? How do organisations design the transformation to the digital work environment? What skills do employees need in digital work environments? 
  • Marketing: How can enterprises gain competitive advantages through the digitisation of the interface to customers? How should the interface between Marketing and Sales be adapted? How does communication with customers change on the basis of digitisation?
  • Controlling: What key indicator and control systems are useful for digitised enterprises? How can digital assets be evaluated reliably?
  • IT Management: How does the role of the IT department in companies change, especially through the digitisation of products?
  • Technology and digitisation strategy: What technologies influence management? How should the technologies be designed? What demands do autonomous systems make on management?
  • Data Analytics: How can important information be identified in large data volumes? What processes can be used for forecasting when multiple variables are available? What added value is offered by the development of expert knowledge?