France, Reims

Neoma Business School, Campus Reims

Approx. number of students: 9,000

ESB partner since: 1979

The City

Ideally located in France and central Europe, Reims has developed into a major economic hub. Its proximity to Paris makes it particularly attractive to businesses.
And, of course, as the birthplace of champagne, Reims is home to some of the finest Champagne Houses!

Cultural venues and events are thriving: concert halls, themed bars, internationally renowned theatres, a variety of museums and numerous festivals are held throughout
the year.

The University

As part of the exclusive 1% of triple-accredited international business schools, NEOMA stands out as an innovative global business school whose impact stems from the excellence of its research and instruction. Steered by its strategic plan and led by its esteemed faculty, the School provides skills and knowledge to guide the future of businesses and society in a sustainable and connected world. Through its agile approach, NEOMA encourages a responsible outlook while striving to convey its passion for innovation to the students, business executives and entrepreneurs who will build the world of tomorrow. Be passionate. Shape the future.


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