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Prof. Dr. Philipp Wunderlich

General Business Administration, particularly Digital Marketing & Business Innovation

+49 7121 271 3034


Building 5, Room 210

By appointment

  • Head of Marketing & Public Relations

  • Sustainable Technologies
  • e-Health
  • IS Adoption
  • Digital Entrepreneurship
  • E-Energy
  • Motivational Psychology



  • since 2021: Professor for Digital Marketing and Business Innovation at ESB Business School
  • 09/2019-08/2021: Professor for General Business Administration at Hochschule Pforzheim
  • 2014-2021: Lecturer i. a. at University of Augsburg, University of Mannheim, University Darmstadt, DHBW Karlsruhe
  • 05/2013-08/2019: Director/Member Board of Management at Booz&Co./Strategy&
  • 12/2009-11/2021: External doctorand at the academic chair of Prof. Dr. Daniel Veit in cooperation with EnBW Regional AG (Dr rer. pol.)
  • 04/2005-07/2009: Studies in Business Administration at University of Mannheim

Articles in scientific journals:

Wunderlich, P., Veit, D., & Sarker, S. (2019). Adoption of Sustainable Technologies: A Mixed-Methods Study of German Households. Mis Quarterly, 43 (2), 673-691. doi: 10.25300/MISQ/2019/12112 

Wunderlich, P., Kranz, J., Totzek, D., Veit, D., & Picot, A. (2013). The Impact of Endogenous Motivations on Adoption of IT-Enabled Services: The Case of Transformative Services in the Energy Sector,. Journal of Service Research, 16 (3), 356-371. doi:https://doi.org/10.1177/1094670512474841.  


Wunderlich, P. (2012). Green Information Systems in the Residential Sector An Examination of the Determinants of Smart Meter Adoption. Springer.

Articles in conference proceedings :

Andraschko, Lars, Wunderlich, Philipp, Sarker, Saonee, & Veit, Daniel (2022). Exploring the behavioral sprouts of smart home farming. Roman Beck, Dana Petcu, Marin Fotache (Eds.), Proceedings: European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2022, 18-24 June 2022, Timisoara, Romania (p. RIP 26). New York, NY: AISeL.

Andraschko, Lars; Wunderlich, Philipp; Veit, Daniel; and Sarker, Saonee, "Towards a Taxonomy of Smart Home Technology: A Preliminary Understanding" (2021). ICIS 2021 Proceedings. 7.

Steininger, D., Wunderlich, P., & Pohl, F. (2013). Exploring Competitive Advantage of Social Networking Sites: A Business Model Perspective., ECIS 2013 Proceedings. 

Walther, S., Sarker, S., Sedera, D., Otto, B., & Wunderlich, P. (2013). Exploring Subscription Renewal Intention of Operational Cloud Enterprise Systems - A Stakeholder Perspective (Winner of the AMCIS 2013 Best Paper Award)., Proceedings of the 19th Americas Conference on the Information Systems (AMCIS). 

Wunderlich, P., Kranz, J., & Veit, D. (2013). Beyond Carrot - and - Stick: How Values and Endgenous Motivations Affect Residential Green IS Adoption., Proceedings of the 34th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). 

Wunderlich, P., Sarker, S., & Veit, D. (2012). Green IS in the Energy Sector: Smart Metering Adoption in Private Households., Proceedings of the 33rd International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). 

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