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You have chosen the International Accounting, Controlling and Taxation Master's programme and would now like to apply? The following steps are necessary to do so:

1.Read the admission requirements for the study programme carefully.

Admission requirements

  • Proof of a qualified German or foreign university degree following a course of study at a university with 180 or 210 ECTS credits in an economics degree course
  • Total average grade of university degree at least “good“ (2.5). 
    Degree grades obtained abroad must be converted in advance to the German grading system by a grade recognition body.
  • A good command of the German language.
    Evidence of this can be provided by the supporting documents listed in section 1 of the statutes related to the language skills required for studying at Reutlingen University in the respective applicable version.
  • Evidence of good English language skills at level B2 in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is to be provided by the supporting documents listed in section 2 of the statutes related to the language skills required for studying at Reutlingen University in the respective applicable version. 
2.Fill in the online application form of Reutlingen University.

To the online application form of Reutlingen University

During the application process, you need to upload your documents. At the end, only the application needs to be handed in online. A print-out and your signature is not necessary.

3.Please note the application deadlines for the programme MSc International Accounting, Controlling and Taxation

The complete application process is online. You will have to hand in further documents and the signed matriculation form at the time of the actual matriculation.

Application deadlines
Your application must have arrived at the University by these dates; the date of posting does not apply!

Winter semester (September - February): 15 July

Summer semester (March - August): 15 January

You can see the status of your application here.

4.Accept the invitation to a selection interview.

After the expiry of the application deadlines we will invite you by telephone or by email to a selection interview. Please inform us immediately if it is not possible for you to keep the appointment.

Please note that you will be excluded from the application process if you do not accept the invitation to the selection interview. You will also receive a letter of exclusion if you have not been invited to a selection interview although you fulfil all the formal criteria of the selection regulations. Whether you receive an invitation is determined by your credits in comparison with the other applicants (see Sec. 5 of the entrance and selection regulations).   

Dates for the selection interviews for the winter semester 2021/2022: 15 July to 26 July 2021

5.If you receive admission to the University, accept the offered university place.

Return the signed application for registration together with the required documents and transfer the semester fees.

 Questions & Answers regarding registration

 The following criteria are decisive for admission to the course:

  • Credits
  • Course-related practical experience
  • Experience abroad
  • Foreign language skills
6.Welcome to ESB Business School!

You will find tips on finding a room or an apartment on Reutlingen University’s website.

For international students: On Reutlingen University’s website you will find information about studying in Germany, our range of preparatory classes, experience reports and a whole lot more.