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Experiences of students & alumni

Samira Grünwald

graduated in 2016
Daimler AG,
Balance Analyst

After taking my A-levels I obtained my bachelor degree in International Management at ESB Business School together with NEOMA Reims in France. I went on to do a master degree which deepened my knowledge of international accounting and finance. That I would do my master’s course at ESB Business School was always clear to me – not for the sake of convenience but with wholehearted conviction: with its perfectly matched course content, its competent professors and its excellent organizational support for the students, ESB Business School has for a long time clearly stood out from other universities in the country. In addition to ESB Business School’s internationality, the ESB Spirit and studying in small groups enabling active involvement and intensive learning are the characteristics that have inspired me at ESB Business School. Further, the School’s promising contacts to leading global companies and renowned partner universities abroad provide the opportunity to establish an international network and a smooth start to working life.   

The many optional subjects and electives included in the International Accounting, Controlling and Taxation M.Sc. degree programme offer an ideal combination of broad basic knowledge and specialisation. From the beginning, the professors cater for the students‘ requirements and levels of knowledge. Besides the core subjects accounting, controlling, taxation and finance, the course content also features lectures in strategic and intercultural management as well as business ethics, which are held in both German and English.  Independent work on complex issues carried out in teams provides a good balance to classical lectures. This mix helps the students to broaden their horizons and think out of the box by encouraging them to consider the business world from different perspectives. Projects with nearby companies, guest lectures and workshops illustrate what the students have learned and help them to put it into practice. Thus ESB Business School’s International Accounting, Controlling and Taxation M.Sc. degree programme is a perfect preparation for professional life. I would not hesitate to choose the degree programme again!  

Manuel Müller

Graduate 2018, Robert Bosch Automotive Steering GmbH, Sales Controller

After completing my Bachelor’s degree in controlling, finance and accounting when I also had the opportunity to gather practical experience both in Germany and abroad, it was clear to me that I wanted to deepen my specialist knowledge in this field before embarking on a career.  
In search of a suitable course of study, I soon found what I was looking for at ESB Business School. The International Accounting, Controlling and Taxation MSc programme offers an excellent combination of studies whose curriculum covers a wide spectrum ranging from accounting and auditing to finance and controlling. At the same time generalist skills in economic law, strategic management and business ethics are taught. The programme’s diversity ensures that the students are not only perfectly prepared for their working lives but are also given numerous career opportunities ranging from tax consulting and auditing to controlling and business consulting.    
The decision to do my Master’s course at ESB Business School paid off right from the beginning. In addition to the interactive lectures in which the students benefited from the professors' many years of economic experience, ESB’s amazing networking with national and international companies enables the students to establish contacts to potential employers at an early stage. Further, due to the many renowned partner universities students have excellent opportunities to spend a semester abroad.    
What is more, it is important to emphasize the commitment of the students at ESB Business School, who actively help to shape life on the campus in the various student initiatives and so contribute to the unique ESB Spirit.
As a result, ESB Business School is rightly regarded as one of the best business schools in Germany.

Alexander Köbrich

Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH,
Controlling Division - Coordination of reporting, business planning subsidiaries

It has been clear to me for a long time that I would like to be a controller in a large industrial company – the course of study at ESB Business School provided the best possible conditions to make my wish come true. In the “International Accounting and Taxation” degree programme I was able to deepen my existing skills in controlling and acquire comprehensive knowledge in related fields such as international accounting, taxation and strategic management. I was able to concentrate fully on my studies because the programme is well structured and the course coordinator was always available to help with any organisational questions. 

Classes were held in small groups with maximum 30 students so that individual support by professors and external lecturers was possible. The importance of the linking of theory and practice was shown in the many corporate projects (mainly with renowned companies from the Stuttgart area), workshops and case studies where the skills the students have acquired are applied to real-world entrepreneurial questions. Work is carried out mainly in small teams. In this way I not only acquired knowledge but also gained essential methodological and social skills. The atmosphere was stimulating and always pleasant, both between fellow students and the teaching staff; I never felt an atmosphere of unwarranted aloofness there.      

The course not only made my wish become reality, I can also constantly use the knowledge I gained in everyday working life. It was exactly the right course for me and I would definitely choose this degree programme again.

Christian Driller

Yxlon International Hamburg,
Vice President Process Excellence & Quality

During the “International Accounting and Taxation” degree programme I was able to acquire in-depth knowledge in Controlling, for example, International Tax Law or Strategic Management and so better understand the world from the view of top managers. Besides theoretical knowledge I was able to enhance my skills in conceptional work and the solving of complex problems. Various practice projects such as the evaluation of medium-sized IT company were very instructive and formative.

Franz Bajorat
Franz Bajorat


I completed my Bachelor’s degree at ESB Business School in Production Management and then wanted to deepen the basic knowledge I had acquired in Controlling and Accounting. During my internships I had become very interested in the audit and tax fields. This is why I applied for the International Accounting and Taxation Master’s degree programme. Further, I was impressed by the degree programme’s professional and organisational design. I was attracted by the subject combination in the curriculum because this ideal mix of specialisations and broad basic knowledge enables graduates of this degree programme to enter a many different professions.       

At the beginning I had my doubts due to the technical focus of my Bachelor course about whether I could keep up in lectures such as Accounting because these subjects expect students to have already acquired wide-ranging knowledge. But the professors succeed in catering to all students by means of a well-designed series of lectures and at the same time in passing on new content despite a variety of levels of knowledge. Besides the specialist competence of the professors I was impressed by the international focus of the degree programme. Lectures such as International Finance or International Controlling prepare us students ideally for the globalised business world. Numerous projects and workshops together with renowned companies provide a good opportunity to establish contacts for entry into professional life or for the Master’s thesis.   

My decision to complete the Master’s course at ESB Business School was not made because it was convenient but because I was convinced it was the right choice. Promising contacts to industry, many renowned partner universities and excellent support for the students make ESB one of the most interesting and finest business schools in Germany. 

Anna Cramer
Anna Cramer

Senior, Tax consultant, Assurance
Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

I applied for the Master’s degree programme in International Accounting & Taxation because after several internships in auditing and controlling I wanted to specialise in this field. Further, I wanted to have more international experience and this Master’s course provides very good opportunities for this with internships or study semesters abroad.  

Besides the core subjects in Accounting and Taxation the students deepen their knowledge in other major areas such as Economic Law and Finance. If you are aiming to enter the auditing profession, the in-depth specialisation in this Master’s is very useful.

Irina Perezhogina
Irina Perezhogina


After graduating from the State University for Management in Moscow and two years of working experience in sales and controlling at an automotive group I received a DAAD scholarship for a Master’s course in Germany. At that time I knew that I wanted to expand my knowledge in the areas of controlling and accounting. I found the best course of study in the International Accounting and Taxation degree programme at ESB Business School. This Master’s course is for me a unique opportunity to acquire comprehensive skills in the areas of accounting, auditing, taxation and controlling. Besides the theoretical lectures the professors also arrange guest lectures, workshops and company projects. In this way we students are given practical examples and can apply our theoretical knowledge accordingly. Studying in small groups creates a friendly atmosphere and team spirit. And it guarantees effective and concentrated learning as well as direct contact to the professors and external lecturers.   

A very good reputation and the internationality of Reutlingen University, pratice orientation and first-class teaching have already opened many doors to a career in an international and intercultural environment.