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ESB Business School Investment Club

The ESB Business School Investment Club was formed in October 2014 by 14 capital market enthusiasts from the International Management Double Degree and International Business degree programmes. It is legally registered under the name “Börsenverein der Studenten und Alumni der ESB Business School an der Hochschule Reutlingen e.V.“ (Investment Club of the Students and Alumni of ESB Business School at Reutlingen University e.V.).


The ESB Business School Investment Club has set itself the goal to provide interested students with useful knowledge of the financial and capital markets. Further, the Club would like to address both basics and detailed expert knowledge related to the stock market and capital investment. As a practical supplement to the university courses, the Club organises for its members workshops, seminars, expert lectures, excursions and regular meetings on topics relevant to the financial market. The members will have the opportunity to get in contact with companies from the finance sector.  


As part of the Student Network of ESB Business School the ESB Business School Investment Club is anchored in the student body of ESB Business School. It stands on two pillars:

  • The working groups work as a team as portfolio managers and are divided into asset classes. They manage a fictitious fund with an investment strategy they have chosen themselves. In this way they acquire in independent research and analysis know-how in securities trading and can then apply this knowledge in reality.      
  • The specialist departments handle the areas finances, public relations, members and administrative duties, thus contributing to the upkeep and organisation of the Club.

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