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National Model United Nations (NMUN)

Different types of model conferences of the United Nations have been heldfor more than 45 years, providing future generations of international delegates the opportunity to discuss global conflict resolutions in an authentic environment. The National Model United Nations (NMUN) is the model conference with the highest number of participants. Around 5000 students particitpate from all over the world in New York City. Reutlingen University has been a successful participant at NMUN since 2009, and has always been counted among the best German delegations.



The values our delegation can be declared as the core values of human interaction. Respect, tolerance, equality and the esteem of human dignity are preconditions of humanity. Our goal is to adapt and live them on an international floor. A respectful exposure to each other and to our nature is indispensable for peace. Representing this core values is the declared goal of our delegation.

Previous Achievements

Amongst many of our achievements, the most recent ones include:

  • NMUN 2016 – representing Guatemala
    „Distinguished Delegation“
  • NMUN 2015 - representing Chile
    "Honorable Mention" for the Delegation
    "Best Delegates" for Justus Morisse (BSc International Management Double Degree) and Uli Leibfritz (BSc International Business)
  • NMUN 2014- representing Spain
    “Honorable Mention” for the Delegation
    “Outstanding Delegates" for the Economic and Social Council Delegates
    “Distinguished Delegation”
  • NMUN 2013 - representing Mexico
    "Distinguished Delegation"
  • NMUN 2012 - representing Qatar
    "Distinguished Delegation"

NMUN in previous years

NMUN 2021 "Long nights and new friends"

NMUN 2020 "In our hearts, New York"

NMUN 2019