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Student Consulting

The ESB Student Consulting e.V. is a student consultancy at Reutlingen University. Founded by students of the ESB Business School in 2009 and open to students of all faculties, it advises non-profit organisations, associations, start-ups and established business enterprises on a pro bono basis. 

Around 100 students from all faculties and departments from the bachelor and master programmes form interdisciplinary teams for this purpose and work together on concepts, strategies and solution options - both for diverse corporate projects and for the continuous development of the association.
In addition to the specialist knowledge gained from their studies, we offer our members regular workshops and seminars to broaden their knowledge horizons, enhance their skills and develop personally. Please contact us for further information!

The ESB Student Consulting Association's website (in German)

The ESB Student Consulting Association on Facebook (in German)


LinkedIn profile

Facts & Figures

  • Association founded in May, 2009
  • 100 active students in the current semester
  • Focus on pro-bono projects for start-ups, non-profit organisations and small to medium-sized companies
  • Management of six to eight projects from a variety of business sectors per semester  
  • Interactive workshops with renowned consultants and partners

Management Board

Tim Geyer, 1. Chairman, Lead & Account Management

Katrin Bouss, 2. Chairman, Finance & Legal

Anna-Maria Knab, Marketing & HR

Marcel Schepers, Business Improvement & IT