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Deutsche Bahn AG

DB Group offers globally mobility and logistical services and operates in over 130 countries world-wide. Every day, about 297,200 employees, of which about 187,420 are located in Germany, are committed to ensuring that customers are provided with mobility and logistical services and that the related rail, road, ocean and air traffic networks are operated and controlled efficiently. As an international provider of mobility and logistics, and as one of the largest employers in Germany, Deutsche Bahn knows it has a special responsibility towards its customers, its employees, the environment and society. That is why we think and act with the long term in mind, and believe that business success goes hand in hand with an eco-friendly mind-set and a commitment to society.

Deutsche Bahn offers university students and graduates various ways of successfully starting their careers. You have the choice of laying the foundations for your career either while you are still studying or once you have graduated.

Programme for internships and working students at DB

If you are still studying, you can get to know Deutsche Bahn as a potential employer by becoming an intern or a working student. Your job will be to solve complex tasks and to provide your own ideas. In addition, you will have an early opportunity to start networking thanks to workshops, excursions and regular social get-togethers for interns.

You also have the option of writing your dissertation or thesis with us. We support students involved in a wide range of dissertations covering Bachelor, Master or PHD students and will happily assist you in choosing your topic.

Graduate trainee programmes at DB

If you have completed your studies, you can build the foundations for your career with one of our technical (TRAIN TEC), business (TRAIN BIZ), IT (TRAIN ICT) or international graduate trainee programmes. We will prepare you for challenging tasks at Deutsche Bahn with training on and off the job.

Direct entry at DB

Alternatively, we offer graduates and young professionals direct-entry career opportunities, preparing them for a specific position from the word go. This allows you to quickly assume responsibility for interesting and demanding Projects.