School Council

The School Council is one of the most important bodies at ESB Business School. It advises the schol board on matters of fundamental importance. The Council meets three or four times every semester. It submits among other things a proposal for the election of the Dean of the School. The following decisions need the agreement of the school council:

  • the School’s structure and development plans,
  • the formation, changes and removal of institutions at the school,
  • the study and examination regulations of the School.

The Council is composed of democratically elected professors, staff representatives and students.

Professors Hans-Martin Beyer
  Rolf Daxhammer
  Peter Kleine-Möllhoff
  Hermann Laßleben
  Jörg Naeve
  Volker Reichenberger
  Stephan Seiter
Staff Oliver Trefzer
  Barbara Wagner-Horch
  Iris Walker
  Verena Werdich
Student representatives
Louisa Haas
  Felix Oeding-Erdel
  Jakob Ehlert
  Carolin Maria Gier
  Thea Meyer
School board
Andreas Taschner
  Clemens van Dinther
  Julia Brüggemann
  Oliver Götz
  Dominic Wader
Keeper of the minutes Rainer Friedrich