School Management

School Board from left to right: Prof. Dr. Clemens van Dinther, Prof. Dr. Andreas Taschner, Prof. Dr. Julia Brüggemann, Prof. Dr. Oliver Götz, Prof. Dr. Dominic Wader

The School Management of ESB Business School is made up of five members of the School Board and two department heads. The School Management makes strategic and operative decisions for the School in coordination with the committees at school and department level. The Dean and Vice-Deans are elected by the School Council every four years.

School Board

Prof. Dr. Andreas Taschner

Prof. Dr. Clemens van Dinther
Vice-Dean Research

Prof. Dr. Julia Brüggemann
Dean of Studies

Prof. Dr. Oliver Götz
Vice-Dean Marketing and Corporate Relations

Prof. Dr. Dominic Wader
Vice-Dean Finance and Controlling

Department Heads

Prof. Dr. Jochen Orso
Head of IT & Infrastructure

Prof. Dr. Hazel Grünewald
Head of International Relations