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Fashion, brands and marketing

Students present results from Hugo Boss project seminar

By Katrin Reil

How can the success of fashion shows be analysed and evaluated? Students in the BSc International Management Double Degree programme worked with fashion giant Hugo Boss, pursuing this question in the Market Analysis project seminar. The four teams involved have now showed their results at a final presentation.

“The most interesting thing was that each group had a different focus,” says Ann-Katrin Kaimer. Her project team gave regular reports on their work over the past few months via the ESB Business School's website and Instagram channel. Now, the group has presented its results. “To meet the requirements of all stakeholders, we recommended defining different ratios for the operational and strategic levels. This way, an analysis can be done according to criteria such as regional or demographic factors,” Kaimer says.

The other project teams focused on stronger evaluation of existing data and better linking of the Reach, Quality and Cost clusters. The winning team also looked at these three factors and recommended that in future, analyses should not be carried out by cluster but should be integrated on the basis of the goals involved. This also convinced the course coordinator Professor Tobias Schütz, who said “The winning team succeeded particularly well in differentiating between metrics and KPIs and integrating them coherently into a management cockpit. In the end, they were ahead. But it was a neck-and-neck race.”

Ann-Katrin Kaimer and her fellow students were close behind the winning team, and they too found the project seminar enriching. “It was very exciting to get an insight into the world of fashion and the marketing department of a large company. And there were many different aspects to the project. From marketing to analytics to programming a dashboard, we needed many different skills. We were a little cautious of that at first, but we definitely grew with the challenge.”

The Hugo Boss marketing management was enthusiastic about the students' performance from the start. The students will be invited to present their results in person at the Boss campus in the near future, circumstances permitting.

Professor Tobias Schütz once more emphasizes the results of practice-oriented project seminars. “For the students, such courses are not just about acquiring knowledge, but above all about carrying out independent project work, as will later be the case in the company. And Hugo Boss also benefits from our findings and gets new, unused input from our students,” he says.