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How business workshops eliminate prejudices

Management Workshop Week in MSc International Accounting, Controlling and Taxation and MSc International Business Development

By Martina Traub Kaiser, programme coordinator IBD/IACT

You don’t need one of Kärcher's world-famous high-pressure cleaners to get rid of prejudices. Nor is it necessary to turn a screw made by Würth. Instead, discussions with employees can reveal whole new aspects of a company.

During the four-day workshop block for the Master’s programmes International Business Development and International Accounting, Controlling and Taxation, representatives of the above-mentioned companies as well as Schwarz Dienstleistung KG, Robert Bosch GmbH and the management consultancy UNITY AG offered their own finely-tuned insights into their business areas.

The agendas of the five workshops included company presentations, case studies on current topics, online live tours through the companies, and lectures on the special challenges during the pandemic. In addition, there was enough time to talk. The direct format made information comprehensible and concrete. The students discovered many new facets of the participating companies.

Students’ appreciation is reflected in feedback such as “The workshops really were interactive” and “The lecturers were well prepared and took a lot of time for us.”

Among the speakers were a number of ESB alumni who not only answered questions from the experts, but were also happy to talk about their career paths after studying at the ESB Business School.

The Management Workshop Week, which takes place every semester in the two Master's programmes, stands for the real-life practical relevance of the programmes and the outstanding networking of the ESB Business School with well-known, internationally active companies in a wide range of industries.

“We would like to thank the participating companies for their great commitment and their willingness to conduct this semester's workshops in virtual form,” says Martina Traub-Kaiser, program coordinator of the MSc International Business Development and of MSc International Accounting, Controlling and Taxation.