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First Welcome and Orientation Week for MBA Students

MBA International Management Full-Time welcome 43 new students from across the globe.

by Emma Heath

Despite all the Covid-19 hurdles, ESB Business School welcomes 43 international students to the programme MBA International Management Full-Time 2020/2021. Their first week at ESB Business School was packed with rewarding experiences, new faces and helpful advice by former students.

The current semester started on 5th October in hybrid mode with a warm welcome to the 15 students arriving on campus, being greeted personally by the MBA Full-Time team and programme directors Prof. Dr. Maud Schmiedeknecht and Prof. Dr. Jan Oliver Schwarz, as well as Examinations Officer Prof. Dr. Robert LoBue. After a brief tour of the facilities and campus, including the Learning Centre and Student Services, venturing into the unknown and tasting the local Spätzle and butter bretzels at the campus cafeteria (Mensa) followed in trepidation!

The afternoon proceeded with our online ‘Welcome and Orientation’ session, where long-awaited virtual introductions between professors, staff and all 43 students finally took place. What an exciting mix of international backgrounds and experiences; from USA to Jordan, Mexico to China, Chile to India, Canada to Egypt, Nigeria to Pakistan and London to Stuttgart!

The action-packed MBA orientation week from 5th to 9th October was extremely helpful to many of our international students in particular. ‘What do you need to be aware of when managing across cultures, which MBA skills are essential and which academic writing and research approach should I take?’ were just some of the questions answered in the workshops provided by our experienced MBA professors. Students also received start-up guidance from the University Center for Entrepreneurship. In an insightful session, Daniel Nothelfer, Vice President of ESB Reutlingen Alumni e.V., shared his extensive career journey with the future MBA graduates and emphasized the benefits of networking around the globe. Careers advice from the ESB Career Center and a virtual tour of Learning Centre resources didn’t fall short of expectations. Furthermore, Aditi Das and Rania Bojar, graduates from last year’s MBA programme, took the initiative and organized a ‘Take Off With MBA Insiders‘ event for our newcomers. In a virtual coffee break, they answered questions and gave more information about what (not) to expect, all in all offering relevant insight from a student´s perspective.

Another highlight for our international students this year is the opportunity to improve their German language skills. Whereby, they are encouraged to think long-term towards immersing in the corporate culture of companies within Baden-Württemberg and short-term helping them to complete their company-based project or thesis in a local company of their choice.

It has indeed been an impressive and busy start to the winter semester 2020/2021 for the international MBA Full-Time students. The programme intends to return to standard mode, with MBA courses, including critical exams, being offered physically on campus early next year.

The MBA team looks forward to a ‚truly international‘ and rewarding exchange.