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“Noticeable culture of quality”

ESB Business School granted renewed system accreditation

By Katrin Reil and Edeltraut Wetzel

Distinguished once more: On 14 December 2020, ESB Business School received the seal of the accreditation council for its quality management system, thus achieving system reaccreditation. Reutlingen University’s School of business and economics has once again proved that it continuously ensures the high quality of its study programmes and systematically promotes their review and further development.

In its assessment, the accreditation council emphasized that the processes distinguished in the initial accreditation are still consistently lived at the ESB Business School. “It became clear that development-oriented quality management has been established which actively supports the change processes in studies and teaching. The review panel would like to positively underscore that a noticeable culture of quality is lived out at ESB,” the council said.

The ESB Business School is one of the first institutions to meet the amended requirements for accreditation of studies, which came into force in 2018. The two-stage process includes an on-site assessment lasting several days, the preparation of a comprehensive accreditation report, and the final evaluation and decision by the expert panel of the accreditation council. The ESB Business School has thereby shown that not only the formal, but also the technical and content-related criteria of its programmes are regularly reviewed by experts from academia and professional practice, and that students and alumni are involved in evaluation and further development.

In its quality management system, the ESB Business School combines the implementation of the high international quality standards of the AACSB International accreditation with the requirements of the national accreditation system. The accreditation council also took this special feature into account in its final report, writing “During the on-site assessment, the expert panel was able to determine that the AACSB requirements and instruments do not run parallel to the school's own system, but rather meaningfully complement ESB Business School's quality management system.”

The entire faculty participated in the development-oriented design of quality management. For Professor Julia Brüggemann, Dean of Studies at the ESB Business School, the accreditation is a further incentive. “This confirmation of our many years of work via the accreditation council provides motivation for us to continue to pursue our goals, to develop new innovative ideas and concepts, and to continuously develop our degree programmes for the changing world of work,” she said.