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A New Career Level

The students of the MBA International Management Part-Time programme start the winter semester

By Heike Trost

The MBA International Management Part-Time programme prepares the students for the next step in their careers alongside their professional activities. In five semesters they learn how to develop companies strategically and with an eye to the future, and which challenges they have to overcome in management responsibility. For the 38th time, the study programme team welcomed the new students to the campus. The year has thus started off in a hybrid semester, which is a sensible mix of online and classroom teaching.

For many years, the MBA International Management Part-Time programme has stood for excellent part-time further education at the highest level. The study programme is considered one of the pioneers among the part-time MBA programmes in Germany. “We are delighted that you have chosen us to embark on the next stage in your career.”  With these words, the Dean of Studies, Professor Dr Gerd Nufer, welcomed the new first-semester students. At the kick-off event the 23 students also met Professor Dr Christoph Binder, Dean of ESB Business School, the Examinations Officer, Professor Dr Robert LoBue, as well as the entire team of the study programme.

As in the other study programmes at ESB Business School, many of the lectures in the MBA International Management Part-Time programme are being held again in the classroom. This personal interaction makes it easier to network and grow together as a group than in a purely virtual format.  

Nevertheless, a number of online elements will be retained. “Online lectures have a firm place in a modern learning structure and will continue to complement the MBA International Management Part-Time programme in the future”, emphasises Aisha Stickel, who is involved in the digitisation of teaching in the study programme.  

“In interactive classes, students are co-creators of value, regardless of the lecture format”, adds Professor Nufer. “Good teaching also needs active students. In passing our rigorous selection processes, our students have already demonstrated the potential they have. They are willing to perform and are committed, but also actively live ESB values such as respect and trust and assume responsibility”.  

The MBA International Management Part-Time programme comprehensively prepares the students in five semesters for management responsibilities in an international context. During a firmly integrated module abroad, they not only network with their fellow students at ESB Business School but also on an international level at one of our renowned partner universities abroad.

Welcome to ESB Business School!