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Climbing that Mountain for a Good Cause

Students push the pedals to raise money in the “ESB Cycling for Charity” – even during the pandemic.

At the altitude challenge, students rode up to Lichtenstein castle multiple times. IMX student Mathias Elser keeps track of how often (photo: Katharina Burgart)

IMX student Nick Noller on his way up to Lichtenstein castle (photo: Katharina Burgart)

By Katrin Reil and Sven Rottner

A tradition lives on, despite the Coronavirus - this year, students from the ESB Business School at Reutlingen University once again cycled hard as part of the "ESB Cycling for Charity" fundraising campaign. With numerous activities, they collected donations for the two Reutlingen associations, Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder Tübingen e.V. and Integramus e.V.. Instead of one big bike tour, there were various daily stages that the students covered in small groups last week.

On Sunday, May 4, students from the BSc International Management Double Degree programme briefly put their bicycles aside to participate in the first "Wings for Life Run". The entry fees for this inclusive sporting event go directly to bone marrow research in order to be able to better treat paraplegia in the future.

After this first event, it was back on the bike. On cycling tours last week, the participating students completed stages of between 40 and 130 kilometres per day. The places they rode to included Bad Urach, Hohenzollern Castle and Lake Constance. People from a maximum of two households cycled together in small groups, and all other safety and hygiene recommendations were observed.

As a special finale to this year's ESB Cycling for Charity, the students organized an altitude challenge up to Lichtenstein Castle on Saturday, May 15. For this, the students had collected donations in advance of around 27,500 euros from numerous sponsors - from corporate partners to individuals. On this day, every euro donated corresponded to one metre of altitude that the students had to overcome by bicycle. In order to comply with the social-distance and hygiene rules, all students completed the stages alone.

Leonie Friedrich, fundraising cyclist and student in the BSc International Management Double Degree programme, looks back on the campaign with satisfaction: "After the ESB Cycling for Charity event was completely cancelled last year, we gave our all this year. Especially in the altitude challenge, a considerable sum was raised for a good cause and we are happy to be able to continue supporting our sponsorship partners."

About ESB Cycling for Charity

Every year, students at Reutlingen University’s ESB Business School organize the ESB Cycling for Charity tour. The two-week tour usually takes the students abroad, collecting donations at their stops along the way. There are also activities beforehand, such as a stand at the Reutlingen Christmas market. The proceeds of the campaign traditionally benefit the Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder Tübingen e.V. - a support group for children with cancer - and Integramus e.V. from Reutlingen, an association whose activities include building wells in Africa.