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DAAD prize for double graduate

ESB alumna Jing Wang receives award for international students

Left to right: Martina Traub-Kaiser (Programme Coordinator MSc International Accounting, Controlling and Taxation), Professor Dr. Dominic Wader (Programme Director MSc International Accounting, Controlling and Taxation), DAAD award winner Jing Wang, Professor Baldur Veit (Director of Reutlingen International Office)

By Katrin Reil

For many years, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has awarded the DAAD Prize to international students for outstanding achievements at German universities. This time, the €1,000 award goes to a Reutlingen University double alumna. Award winner Jing Wang completed first her bachelor's and then her master's degree at the ESB Business School.

"The fact that Ms. Wang chose us twice is really something special," says Professor Baldur Veit, Director of the Reutlingen International Office (RIO) at Reutlingen University. Yet other criteria were key. "Ms. Wang has shown social commitment during her studies and at the same time acquired excellent German language skills. She is an example of an international graduate who has integrated very well."

Jing Wang was born and raised in southern China. After her first degree in English language and literature in Beijing, she was drawn to Germany. “I travelled all the way here and attended the open days of various business schools. I chose ESB Business School because of its internationality, diversity and practical orientation,” she says. Jing Wang earned her bachelor's degree in BSc International Business. For her master's degree, she chose the MSc International Accounting, Controlling and Taxation. Programme Director Professor Dr. Dominic Wader also congratulated her at the award ceremony, saying "Ms. Wang exemplifies what ESB Business School is all about."

Professor Baldur Veit put the award into a wider context, looking into the past - and to the future. “Our international orientation is in the genes of Reutlingen University. Shortly after its founding in 1855, the Webschule - as it then was - had around 20 percent international students. To this day, we keep our commitment to internationality firmly in our vision and mission for the future,” he said.

DAAD award winner Jing Wang is moving to Switzerland for the next phase of her professional life. Yet ESB Business School and Reutlingen University will remain in her memories. “The time I spent at ESB was one of the best of my life. Not least because I met some wonderful professors and made very good friends here,” she says.