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Innovation with AI

MSc Operations Management students win Best Research Paper Award

By Katrin Reil

Science and industry are investing a lot to discover tomorrow's trends today. What if a glimpse into the future no longer required long and time-consuming research, but was possible at the click of a mouse? With their white paper “Smart Innovation - How will Artificial Intelligence influence the innovation management of (software) products?”, students from the MSc Operations Management programme clearly demonstrated that this idea is already nearly a reality. For this, it received the Best Research Paper award at the Software Product Management Summit in India.

In collaboration with Fraunhofer IAO, the nine-member project team set itself the goal of examining sub-areas of the software innovation process for the use of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is already being used in many areas of product development today, and this is to be pushed even further in the future.

Supervised by Professor Peter Ohlhausen and Professor Anja Braun from ESB Business School and Dr. Rainer Nägele from Fraunhofer IAO, the students wrote a white paper on the research question “Where and how does AI already support the innovation process and how can it develop it further?” The project team submitted its results to the SPM Summit in India, a renowned conference for software product managers. After close scrutiny by the conference committee and a presentation at this year's summit, which was held online, the students were delighted to receive an award for their paper.

The white paper “Smart Innovation – How will Artificial Intelligence influence the innovation management of (software) products?” will be available online shortly.