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Life Returns to Campus

Around 450 students start their bachelor’s degrees at ESB Business School.

The students of the BSc International Management Double Degree are glad to start the second half of their studies on campus.

The new students were warmly welcomed in the auditorium of Reutlingen University.

Esther Adu (r.) from the BSc International Business can finally study on campus.

Prof. Dr Arjan Kozica introduces the new students to the BSc International Management Double Degree at ESB Business School.

In small groups, students of the BSc International Management Double Degree got to know each other.

By Sven Rottner

Since last Wednesday, around 450 ESB Business School students from the BSc International Business and BSc International Management Double Degree have been breathing life back into the campus. At the start of the winter semester, both programmes were finally able to welcome students back into class - many of them for the first time. For the time being, the courses are being held on a hybrid basis. As far as possible, lectures and seminars are conducted in person at ESB Business School, and the 3G rules (vaccinated, recovered, or tested) apply. Other classes will still be held online.

Some of the students who came to campus yesterday and the day before had experienced the university campus for a short while last year. But for many students of the BSc International Management Double Degree programme in particular, the start of the new semester is also their start at ESB Business School. For them, the fifth semester marks the beginning of the second phase of their studies. They have spent the first half of their studies abroad at one of our many respected partner universities in the International Partnership of Business Schools (IPBS).

Prof. Dr Arjan Kozica, Programme Director of the BSc International Management Double Degree, is very pleased to welcome the new students. “At ESB Business School, many contacts are made that last a lifetime. Nowhere do such networks develop better than on campus,” he says.

To keep the risk of infection as low as possible, Professor Kozica welcomed the new students to the university on two separate dates. The student council (StuBue) also met with their new fellow students on both days to get them into the ESB spirit. The BSc International Management Double Degree team explained the structure of the programme to the new students in small, interactive groups.

Parallel to this, the BSc International Business programme welcomed its 250 new students to campus. The programme’s higher-semester cohorts started their winter semester this week, while the first-semester students have to wait a few more weeks.

For many students of International Business, this semester's start was also the start of classroom teaching. Esther Adu, a student in the second semester of the BSc International Business programme, is on campus for the first time. “As an international student from the USA, it is something very special for me to finally experience the university in real life,” she says.

The other ESB Business School programmes will resume lectures along with the other Reutlingen University faculties on October 4, 2021.