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Networking on- and offline

At the Company Forum (FiFo), students find out about career opportunities in person and online.

By Sven Rottner

On November 9 and 10, 2021, ESB Business School students had two opportunities to network and learn about companies. This year’s FiFo took place both in reality and virtually.  In all, 32 companies introduced themselves to students over the two days and answered their questions.

In strict compliance with the applicable hygiene regulations, the students made contact with company representatives at the exhibition booths. In conversation, they were able to learn more about career options at the companies present, to find out about the application process, and to make initial contacts. In the focal presentations, students learned more specific details about the various companies and what they have to offer.

Students and companies were also able to talk specifically about career prospects during pre-arranged one-on-one meetings. Here, the possibilities of internships, final theses or direct entry after graduation were explored in more detail.

Students and companies alike were very pleased that the FiFo could once again take place on campus. Thilo Kipping from Ritzenhoefer & Company emphasized the positive experience of the career fair, saying "We have found many talented students at ESB Business School and are pleased to be here again to meet future colleagues directly".

The ESB Business School's FiFo for students of every semester. Jonas Reineke of the student organization team was particularly pleased about this year’s many participants from the lower semesters. "For many students, the FiFo is the first on-campus fair. We are very pleased that this year, there is once more an opportunity for personal conversation."

Following the positive experience of last year, part of this year’s FiFo also took place online. Students and companies were able to network online on the Talentspaces trade fair platform. (In this way, students from abroad were also able to participate in the career fair once more.)

The company forum (FiFo) is one of the two career fairs at ESB Business School, Reutlingen University. Numerous internationally operating companies introduce themselves at the event. The focus of the fair is on establishing initial contacts in the business world as well as building and expanding professional networks. The FiFo is organised by the ESB Career Center with the support of a student organisation team.