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Next stop: Start-up

Start-up talk by ESB entrepreneurs on sustainable start-ups

By Sven Rottner

At the ESB Entrepreneurs’ start-up talk, interested students can get in regular contact with business founders and learn more about start-ups. This spring's event was all about starting sustainable businesses.

A total of 35 students from various Schools and degree programmes swapped ideas with experienced founders at the start-up talk. The guests this time were Xenia Duffy and Felix Israel, both of whom have founded a new business.

Xenia Duffy can look back on more than fifteen years of experience as a consultant for young founders. Sustainable business is particularly important to her. That's why she supports young entrepreneurs and CEOs with her own start-up, zeal, in their quest for successful sustainable business models.

She is convinced that everyone can contribute to the fight against climate change, but says that companies in particular have a duty to do so. At the start-up talk, she encouraged the students to focus on circular forms of business.

Felix Israel is also focusing on sustainable production with his start-up Faros Linen, founded in 2019. The ESB alumnus (IBD 2013) sells men's shirts made from sustainably produced European linen in his online store.

At the start-up talk, he emphasized how important it is to dare to try something new. Mistakes are to be expected, but it is important to learn from them, he said. With Faros Linen, he has ventured into an industry that was previously unknown to him. Yet his entrepreneurial spirit and perseverance helped him to recognize online retail as an opportunity and to use it accordingly.

The organizers of the Start-up Talks were pleased with the students’ high level of interest. "The attendance at the start-up talks shows how great the interest in the topic of sustainability is at ESB Business School. The start-up talks are a good opportunity to exchange ideas with founders,” said the founders.  

The ESB Entrepreneurs initiative offers a platform for founders, investors and students who are enthusiastic about entrepreneurship. Through regular events, the team aims to raise general interest in the start-up scene and motivate students to venture into an exciting world of innovative star-tups.

Information on future events is available on the ESB Entrepreneurs LinkedIn page