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Students Back on Campus for the Winter Semester

Some 1,000 new students commence their studies at Reutlingen University.

By Miriam Feger and Sven Rottner

At last - around 1000 first-year students launch a new phase of their lives with on-campus learning at Reutlingen University in this winter semester of 2021-22They were warmly welcomed in all the Schools in compliance with the applicable infection prevention regulations. ESB Business School welcomed its new students as well as the higher semesters of the industrial engineering and master's programs to the campus.

"After three long and sometimes rather lonely semesters, we are very pleased to finally have students on our campus again for the winter semester," said Professor Hendrik Brumme, President of Reutlingen University. "It is planned that as many classes as possible will take place in person - which is particularly important for students in the lower semesters. I therefore appeal to all students who have not yet been vaccinated to please get vaccinated if you can. This is the only way we can work together to maintain a vibrant teaching environment on campus."

The first-year students at ESB Business School were welcomed to their respective study programs at various locations on campus. For example, the new students from the field of industrial engineering got to know Werk150, where they will be carrying out their highly practically-oriented studies.

Professor Arjan Kozica welcomed the first-year students of the BSc International Management Double Degree program in the auditorium. His message to them was: "You will know a lot more at the end of these four years. But above all, you will learn that there is a lot you don't know and that you must always continue to develop."

ESB Dean Professor Christoph Binder personally attended the start of the BSc International Business semester. Speaking English, he outlined the principles of ESB Business School to the students from all over the world.

Even before the official start of the semester, first-year students had the opportunity to prepare for their studies and get to know the campus during the two-week programme known as “staRT-Wochen.” Intensive language courses were again offered for students from abroad.