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Under One Roof

ESB Business School’s Logistics Research Centre moves from Rommelsbach to main campus.

Prof. Dr Wolfgang Echelmeyer in the new ESB Logistics Reasearch Centre on campus

By Katrin Reil

There are still some unpacked boxes, but teaching and research are already up and running. Reutlingen University’s ESB Logistics Research Centre has shifted to its new home at the main Hohbuch Campus. Until now, the centre’s six employees, headed by Professor Wolfgang Echelmeyer, worked in university offices located in Rommelsbach. Now they share a new building with the test factory Werk150.

“The move has great advantages, particularly for students. We had no lecture halls in Rommelsbach. Here, theory and practice are side by side at last,” says Professor Wolfgang Echelmeyer. The fledgling industrial engineers at ESB Business School have been using the new facilities since the start of the semester. They don't just sit in the seminar room, says Prof. Echelmeyer. “In our teaching and research area, the students work on new products and will also manufacture them on site. We can develop and test logistics systems here. In the future, robotics will play an even greater role than it already does.”

The Logistics Research Centre’s move from Rommelsbach to the Reutlingen University campus also provides inspiration for new projects. For example, a group of students is currently working on setting up a “microhub” for the sustainable shipping of packages directly from the university campus. 

Sustainability is important to Professor Echelmeyer and his Logistics Research Centre team. “We are working on solutions here that will help us design a future without emissions. For us as a business school, the cost-effectiveness of these solutions always plays a special role. Now we're looking forward to continuing our work at the new location, giving students good training and initiating new research projects."

Business and Engineering at the ESB Business School

The ESB Business School offers two bachelor's and two master's degree programmes in Business and Engineering. They all use the practical teaching and research environment of the Logistics Research Centre as well as the Werk150 teaching and research environment. Details at: