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Welcome, Professor Wunderlich!

Professor Dr Philipp Wunderlich joins the team at ESB

By Katrin Reil

A newcomer with ESB experience - Professor Philipp Wunderlich started teaching and researching as Professor of Digital Marketing and Business Innovation at ESB Business School this semester. He was already a welcome guest on campus - as a workshop leader and speaker, as well as during the admission interviews for the BSc International Management Double Degree.

Professor Wunderlich studied business administration at the University of Mannheim, where he also earned his doctorate. He then worked as Director International in the Stuttgart office of the strategy consultancy Strategy&. His focus was on the pharmaceuticals/ life sciences and public sector. It was at this time that he came into contact with ESB Business School. "My first office head was ESB alumna Christine Rupp, I worked on my first project with an ESB student who later became my mentee, and over the course of time I led many workshops and gave lectures on campus,” he says.

During his consulting activities, Professor Wunderlich continued to work as a lecturer at the University of Augsburg. In 2019, he accepted a professorship at Pforzheim University. With his move to ESB Business School, he has now come full circle. “Because I knew ESB well in advance, it feels a bit like coming home. In addition, my new position increasingly reflects my core research areas,” Wunderlich says. These include sustainable technologies, IS adoption, digital entrepreneurship and motivational psychology.

Professor Wunderlich teaches in ESB Business School’s BSc International Management Double Degree, MA European Management Studies and MBA International Management Full-Time programmes. He is particularly looking forward to talking with the students. “During my time as a consultant, I interviewed and hired great ESB graduates. Unfortunately, I often had to let them go straight past Stuttgart and on to the Munich office. Now I'm at the source and looking forward to taking part in the students' journey from day one to graduation.”