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A partnership celebrates a jubilee

Delegation of California State University visited ESB

By Mareike Reinfandt and Alfred Max

On June 22nd, Reutlingen University welcomed a delegation of 25 university representatives from California State University to celebrate the 25th Jubilee of the California State University – Baden-Württemberg cooperation. The cooperation allows CSU students from a wide range of academic backgrounds and disciplines to learn the German language in Germany, experience living in a new culture and pursue courses in their major area of study.

Having been among the first partners of the cooperation, Reutlingen University has sent and received each more than 90 business students from the ‘BA Außenwirtschaft’ resp. the current ‘BSc International Business’ program. Besides both sides have started to exchange students from other fields of study, eg. engineering. The jubilee was in 2020 but due to the Covid pandemic the celebratory event could only take place two years later in 2022. The joy was all the greater to welcome the CSU delegation on campus. Reutlingen University was selected as one of the 21 collaborating Baden-Württemberg partner universities to host a Faculty Conference with the title “The Global Marketplace – Technology and Digitalization.”

The faculty conference kicked off with a welcome address by President Prof. Dr. Hendrik Brumme and Prof. Dr. Julia Brueggemann (Dean of Studies ESB Business School), as well as CSU Vice Chancellor Leo Van Cleve. ESB Business School has welcomed CSU students ever since the beginning of the CSU – Baden-Württemberg cooperation and looking back on those 25 years it is great to see that not only a close and reliable partnership has formed but also personal friendships that have arisen from the partnership. It is thus not only a great honour that Reutlingen University was picked as a host but also a great pleasure to welcome CSU on campus and to reconnect in person.

The conference, chaired by Prof. Dr. Julia Hormuth (ESB Business School, Head of Undergraduate Partnerships) and Prof. Baldur Veit (Director Reutlingen International Office), dealt with the theme “The Global Marketplace – Technology and Digitalization.” Four speakers from ESB Business School and CSU gave talks addressing topics ranging from climate change communication and how value reporting can implement sustainability to the current status of globalization and advancements in technology, such as the Big Data revolution, and the role of digitalization for companies of the global marketplace. The four speakers were:

  • Prof. Dr. Florian Kapmeier (ESB Business School, Reutlingen University): En-ROADS: Interactive Simulation that motivates Climate Action and delivers Insights into High-Leverage Solutions
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Roberts Roslyn (CSU Sacramento, Department Business): Natural Capital and Sustainability
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Mocker (ESB Business School, Reutlingen University): What does it take for big, old companies to become designed for digital business?
  • Prof. Dr. Reo Song (CSU Long Beach, Department Marketing): Data and the Global Marketplace

All speakers gave an excellent insight in their research topics and the talks were followed by lively discussions that continued through lunch. The lunch break gave faculty and staff from CSU and Reutlingen university the perfect opportunity to (re-)connect with each other. After lunch the guests were invited to a campus tour of the laboratories in building 1. The campus tour was very well received and showed the guests what added value the applied sciences can have.

The delegation was then guided to a tour of the pasta factory ALB-Gold where CSU and ESB Business School representatives were welcomed by the ALB-GOLD management: André Freidler (BSc IB 2010 alumni) and Oliver Freidler. After an interesting factory tour and a quick stop at the shop, the delegation was bid farewell and they left for their next destination Konstanz.

The day was a great success and revived the already strong partnership between CSU and ESB Business School/Reutlingen University. May the next 25 years be just as successful!