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“An all-encompassing, intense and rewarding experience”

Students of the MBA International Management Full-Time programme speak about their time in Germany and at ESB.

By Emma Heath and Sven Rottner

Going abroad is a significant step for many students. For most in the MBA Full-Time programme, the whole experience of studying an MBA in Germany presents academic and cultural challenges in equal measure. In this interview, Rachna Singh and Jaineel Shah from India speak about their personal and professional journeys. The MBA students are aware of the challenges of studying and living abroad. However, they also appreciate what an enriching opportunity working with peers, professors and industry experts from various cultural backgrounds can be. They offer advice on what steps should be taken in preparation for moving to and studying in Germany as well.

What motivated you to come to Germany for an MBA at ESB Business School?

Rachna Singh: I got bitten by the bug in 2019 when I was looking for new career opportunities and for first experiences with education systems outside of India. I decided on ESB Business School because of its reputation, international focus and location. I was also convinced by the broad offer of core and elective modules, especially in the fields of strategy, accounting and supply chain management.

Jaineel Shah: One of the most decisive reasons for me to come to Germany was in fact that there are more affordable and worthwhile MBA programmes compared to the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Germany is also the world’s fourth largest economy and will have a strong need for skilled labour in the coming years.

What do you value about the experience you have gained in the MBA Full-Time programme so far? How is the programme preparing you for an international career?

Jaineel: The biggest takeaway so far has been how disciplined I have had to be to be able to pursue the intense courses. The core modules provide very interesting lectures and assignments which require thorough time management skills. Courses and case studies train students in international thinking. This is further aided by the diversity in class where students contribute different thought processes and perspectives from their various professional and cultural backgrounds.

Rachna: The interaction with industry experts was very insightful and mentally stimulating for me. The representatives I spoke to were very honest, transparent and open to new ideas. I really appreciate that there are so many opportunities for ESB students to network. On top of that, the guidance from professors was outstanding. Much of what I have accomplished from my time at ESB I owe to the professors there.

What do you find challenging as an international student in Germany?

Rachna: Definitely the language – most letters I receive are in German. Usually, it takes a while to make sense of them. But I take this as an opportunity to try to understand formal written German.

Jaineel: Germany’s culture is quite peculiar and unique. Adapting to the nuances here may take some time, but the locals are always happy to help. Still, there are some rules you should be aware of in advance. For example, I didn’t know that I would have to pay radio and tv fees (without owning either) until a housemate told me.

What tips and advice would you give to international students planning to come to ESB Business School? Is there anything they can prepare in advance?

Jaineel: Start learning the German language as soon as you can and make use of the many opportunities to mix with the locals as this is really something that can make you feel at home. The campus is abuzz with events and activities for new students. Read up about the various committees, clubs, and initiatives to make the most of your time here.

Rachna: There are going to be lots of conversations on topics such as technology, politics and the economy, so be aware of trends in these fields in your home country. Germans are informed and will expect you to be as well.

How would you summarise the international spirit at ESB Business School?

Rachna: I have met fellow students, colleagues and professors from several different nations worldwide, which has really helped my personal growth. The learning experience was all-encompassing, intense and rewarding – I would not have wanted to miss a single lecture I attended at ESB Business School.

Jaineel: Students can count on being surrounded by people from different countries and cultures. The MBA Full-Time also has classes where you work with students who are pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree or who are studying abroad. The networking opportunities on campus offered by the careers fairs FiFo (Firmenforum) and IBF (International Business Fair) also open one’s eyes to international career perspectives and opportunities that you might not have previously considered.

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