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“An indispensable experience”

ESB alumnus Steffen Mayer gives guest lecture on the future of AMG

By Franziska Baer (IBD1)

AMG - these three magic letters immediately caught the attention of the MSc International Business Development programme. AMG is the high-performance subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz. As part of a guest lecture in International Marketing Cases with Professor Dr. Gerd Nufer, the students had the opportunity to gain an exclusive insight into the world of AMG. ESB alumnus Steffen Mayer, Head of Sales, Business Development and Network & Strategy at AMG, gave key insights into the company.

One focus was on the future of AMG with regard to e-mobility, and another focus was a promising outlook on how AMG will to identify itself in the future and expand its existing target group. Motor sports, according to Steffen Mayer, is the heart and soul of AMG. AMG wants to remain true to this DNA in the future, and not become a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to e-mobility. Nevertheless, electrification plays a vitally important role in the company’s portfolio and redefines driving performance. AMG is also seeking to expand its existing target group in the future and also meet the requirements of AMG lifestyle customers. During his presentation, Steffen Mayer emphasized that AMG's target group has changed in recent years and is broadly based, ranging from 18-year-old YouTubers to 90-year-old AMG drivers. He described AMG's primary goal for the future is to be “the performance - luxury brand of the 21st century”.

During the guest lecture, the students had the opportunity to work in small groups on a central question - What might AMG's customer contact points look like in the future and where are they located? The solutions of the group work with many creative and innovative ideas were presented in closing general session.

The guest lecture gave the IBD students an interesting insight into the central issues dealt with by leading global automotive manufacturers like AMG. Steffen Mayer gave a very true-to-life presentation; and in his dual role as ESB alumnus, is a figure his audience can identify with. He also took ample time to answer the many questions that were asked. The students described the workshop afterwards with the following statements: “I think this was an indispensable experience for anyone who wants to work in the automotive industry later on." Another participant added: "I found the practical examples from his own experience particularly helpful".