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ESB Professor becomes Vice-President

Prof. Dr. Arjan Kozica Appointed Vice-President for Studies and Teaching

By Miriam Feger & Luna Thalmann

Prof. Dr. Arjan Kozica Appointed Vice-President for Studies and Teaching at Reutlingen University

Thanks to his addition, the President’s Office will continue to be excellently positioned.

After dedicating many years of his experience to Reutlingen University, it was known that Prof. Harald Dallmann would be retiring by the end of August. Therefore, his successor got elected in the Senate’s session at the beginning of this year. Prof. Dr. Arja Kozica will immediately assume his responsibilities as Vice-President for studies, teaching and further education at Reutlingen University.

Prof. Kozica teaches at ESB Business School, his main focus being the topics of organisation and leadership. In recognition of his outstanding academic achievements, he received the Research Award of Reutlingen University back in 2017. His many renowned publications on human resources management, organisational development and leadership, aswell as his high amount of practical experience within these fields, make Prof. Kozica the perfect candidate for this crucial position at Reutlingen University.

Prof. Dr. Hendrik Brumme, President of Reutlingen University, comments: „Arjan Kozica is an exceptional choice. He will assure that the very important topic of studies and teaching is developed even further and that Reutlingen University continues to be a future-oriented institution.”