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Best Opportunities on the Labour Market

ESB Business School receives Universum Student Experience Certificate in the Reputation and Employability categories

Universum Global awarded ESB Business School with the Student Experience Certificate in the category of reputation.

Universum Global awarded ESB Business School with the Student Experience Certificate in the category of employability.

By Sven Rottner

In the current Universum Career Test, ESB Business School once again came up with excellent results. As part of the survey, the market research company Universum asked around 400 ESB students about their perception of the university, communication with employers, and career preferences. ESB Business School scored particularly well in the categories of reputation and employability, receiving the Universum Student Experience Certificate for this. ESB students also use Career Center services significantly more often than students at other universities.

A large majority of 70 percent of the students surveyed said that they would choose ESB Business School again. Career entry opportunities, internationality, communication with employers - ESB also clearly stood out positively from the average of all universities in the evaluation of a wide range of attributes.

Twice as often as respondents from other universities, ESB Business School students associated successful alumni and graduates in leadership positions with their faculty. Professor Christoph Binder, Dean of ESB Business School, emphasizes: “We provide our students with the tools for internationally successful careers. We are very pleased that this mission is obviously bearing fruit.”

Almost 90 percent of the ESB students surveyed also pointed to the international student community. Many students also feel that the study programmes at ESB Business School are unique.

Starting-point for international careers

When it comes to employability, the picture among ESB Business School students is just as clear. For example, the respondents stated that a diverse range of tasks, management positions and a secure high income were particularly important to them after graduation. Among ESB students almost all of these associations were significantly above the average for all universities.

Interaction with potential employers and subsequent employment opportunities clearly stood out. ESB students also see their studies as a particularly good reference and starting point for an international career.

Compared to respondents at other universities, ESB Business School students also make much more frequent use of Career Center services. The regular career fairs, the university's job portal, presentations by employers, and interaction with alumni are particularly popular. Carolien van der Hulst from the ESB Career Center comments: “There is nothing but advantages in the close integration of studies with the working world. A constant dialogue with successful alumni and networking with company representatives is essential for us.”

On the survey

Universum is the global market leader in employer branding and talent research. The agency regularly conducts surveys among students and alumni worldwide. For the current Career Test, it collected the relevant data from more than 17,000 students across Germany in the period from October 2020 to March 2021. The next round of the survey has already begun. Students can take part in it on the website of Universum.