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ESB students and alumni share their ideas on management consulting.

By Prof. Dr Hazel Grünewald

To round off the management consulting seminar in the MBA International Management Full-Time programme, students, external experts and the MBA team came together on 13 April 2022 to exchange and reflect on the experience and to explore areas for further cooperation with one another. The seminar and the concluding get-together were a unique opportunity for ESB students and alumni to share their expertise on the field and to extend their networks.

The management consulting module was led by Prof. Hazel Grünewald and ran from January to March 2022. The seminars involved team teaching, combining academic perspectives on the field and up-to-date insights from practitioners.  The module was particularly interesting since most of the guest lecturers are alumni of ESB Business School.

The sessions covered a wide range of topics. Students and experts discussed classical strategy consulting, but also dealt with ethical, supply chain and IT consulting. In terms of internal consulting, students gained insights on business models from Bosch and Roche against the backdrop of digital transformation, agility and change management. The students also had a chance to network with the experts and talk to them openly about career perspectives in the field of consulting.

The consultants unanimously agreed on their motivations for conducting the lectures: “Gratitude for the experience of studying at ESB, loyalty to the school and an innate desire to give something back”.  Referring to the support she received from fellow students, lecturers and programme coordinators, Li Bickerich, Strategy & Transformation Lead at Roche, added: “ESB helped shape me and my career path”. She also mentioned that her career took off after finding her first position in Austria through the ESB campus career fair.

In the final get-together, Professor Grünewald was also interested what helped the consultants most on their journey to becoming experts in their fields. Responses included “a thirst for knowledge” and “good people management”. In terms of personal gain from the guest lecturing experience, Lisa Brücher, Senior Manager at Vindelici Advisors AG, commented: “It was a very interesting and reflective experience. It was nice to take a step back and think about how I normally react to real-life challenges and what my current value-add is for my company”.

At the end of the evening, all participants agreed to keep in touch. The round was concluded with the experts sharing some pieces of advice with the students for their future careers and some insightful reading tips.