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External Advisory Committee Meets in Person Again

The External Advisory Committee of ESB Business School discusses the current developments and the future of ESB Business School.

By Verena Werdich

“Personalities who actively shape economic life”, state the rules of procedure of the External Advisory Committee of ESB Business School. After two years of corona-related online meetings, it was finally possible again for the Committee to attend the meeting in person in the summer semester of 2022. Many of its members met each other personally for the first time. After the election of Rolf-Michael Müller as chair of the Committee, the members had a lively discussion about the current situation at ESB Business School and took a look into the future.

This time the focus was on the generation of future university applicants. How is the behaviour of A-level students changing in their search for a university place? Which degree programmes do they find attractive? What can be improved in the communication and choice of information channels? The External Advisory Committee had an animated discussion about these and other questions. Developments and challenges such as the pandemic, digitisation, demographic change and increasing competition among universities were also addressed.  

Professor Dr Christoph Binder, Dean of ESB Business School, thanks the Committee for its support: “We benefit greatly from the dialogue with the members of the External Advisory Committee. ESB Business School is dealing with a growing range of issues and will continue to tackle challenges in the future. We are grateful to have the support and expertise of the Committee in this.”

The External Advisory Committee of ESB Business School at Reutlingen University supports the School Board as an advisor, particularly in strategic, programme policy and marketing-related matters. The view from outside with exciting discussions and different perspectives, suggestions and concrete recommendations flows into the School’s decision-making process. The Committee’s input is also indispensable for structural and development planning, which defines the strategy of the university and the schools for the next five years.

ESB Business School would like to thank the honorary members of the Committee for their commitment, their ideas and their role as multipliers.