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News Rules for the MBA Part-Time

New study and exam regulations bring greater flexibility to the MBA International Management Part-Time.

By Heike Trost

The MBA International Management Part-Time programme is evolving. A new set of study and examination regulations (StuPrO) will come into force in winter semester 2022/23. The StuPrO regulates the framework, the procedures and the contents of a subject. The new StuPrO makes it easier for students in the programme to organize their studies because they can make them even more flexible in terms of content. In this interview, Prof. Dr. Gerd Nufer, Dean of Studies of the MBA International Management Part-Time, talks about the changes.

What makes the MBA Part-Time special?

The special feature of the MBA Part-Time is the compatibility of work and studies. We prepare our students for management tasks in international companies without the students having to take time off work. Long before Coronavirus, we were a study programme with blended learning arrangements. We teach state-of-the-art skills in on-campus classes on weekends as well as in week-long blocks. This is supplemented by recaps and coaching in online seminars. An integrated module abroad at one of our respected partner universities worldwide rounds off the programme.

What are the objectives of the new study and exam regulations?

By adding the new Business Research Methods module, we emphasize the programme’s academic foundation. Yet it retains its practical orientation. Our students with practical experience come from a wide range of industries and professional fields. They learn with and from each other and establish valuable networks that last beyond their studies. I personally very much appreciate the discussions with the students in my seminars. They are co-creators of value in our courses.

What exactly do you mean by "co-creators of value"?

The term comes from sports economics. Spectators at a sports event are always part of the overall product. Cheering for one's own team creates a special atmosphere in the stadium, which makes the sports product as a whole more attractive. This is exactly how it is in MBA Part-Time classes - the students enrich the seminars with their own contributions. Everyone has professional experience and can thus contribute examples and special features from their own company or industry.

What organizational advantages does the new StuPrO give students?

The classes in the first four semesters take place on a total of 30 weekends as well as in four week-long blocks. During the semester, approximately every second weekend is taken up with classes. We plan well in advance so that students can combine the seminars with their professional activities. Students are free to choose the time and duration of their stay abroad. We also offer a wider choice of electives.

What exactly are electives?

The electives are optional modules that offer students individual choices for specialization. This makes the programme more flexible because students can better adapt their studies to the demands of their professional lives. Electives cover a wide range of topics, from strategy implementation to business development and sports management. By choosing the appropriate electives, students can individually turn their focus in one direction or the other, according to their own preferences.

Thank you for this interview.

Further information on the MBA International Management Part-Time programme is available on the ESB Business School website or by e-mail. In regular virtual info sessions, the programme team also provides an overview of the many benefits of the programme.