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You have chosen the MBA International Management Full-Time and would now like to apply? Please follow the steps below.

1.Read the requirements for enrolment for the study programme carefully.

Requirements for enrolment:

  • Completed university studies, usually at least an undergraduate degree or equivalent - degrees from foreign universities must be recognised in Germany by the Studienkolleg Konstanz (for details, see step 5)
  • Verification of two years professional experience between completion of undergraduate degree and start of MBA programme to be provided by means of employment contract, interim employer reference or confirmation of the duration of the employment relationship.
  • English language proficiency corresponding to C1 level according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages (for details, see step 5)
  • A GMAT test score of at least 550 (score 550+ or equivalent GRE score).
    Please make sure that ESB Business School of Reutlingen University is selected as a school to which your scores are sent. (GMAT Code MMB-LX-84 / GRE Code 2867)
  • Successful selection interview (for details, see step 3)

The MBA Full-Time programme is open to graduates of all disciplines. Our MBA will be particularly beneficial to non-economists. Graduates of technical or natural science fields of study such as engineers, computer scientists, medical doctors, linguists, humanities scholars, as well as lawyers, form the primary target group of the programme.

2.Complete the online application.

Complete the online application with an upload of the following documents:

  • CV
  • 1 page motivation letter
  • A copy of your undergraduate degree certificate
  • GMAT 550+/ GRE score
  • Verification of two years professional experience

By completing the application early, you allow more time for potential issues that may occur such as delays with visa processing and/or subsequent verification of documents. After submitting the application and provided you meet the requirements for enrolment, we will contact you to arrange an appointment for the selection interview.

Apply for recognition of your first degree at Studienkolleg Konstanz. The earlier, the better!

3.Participate in the selection interview.

Passing the selection interview is also a prerequisite for enrolment to the MBA Full-Time programme.

The selection interview, which lasts approximately 20 minutes, takes the form of a structured examination interview in English and is usually conducted by two persons via prearranged video conference, one of whom is a professor teaching in the MBA programme.

A proposed date for the selection interview will be sent to you by e-mail after the information in your questionnaire has been checked. If this date is not feasible for you, you will of course be offered an alternative date.

On passing the selection interview, you will receive a certificate of confirmation.


4.Enrolment via Reutlingen University's Online Portal

Please complete your request for enrolment via the online portal “Campus-PoRTal” of Reutlingen University.

Click “Campus-PoRTal”; choose “English” language (see flag above) and follow the instructions.

5.Send all the required documents to the Reutlingen University admissions office.

Please send the documents listed below by post to Reutlingen University admissions office.

Reutlingen University Admissions Office
Zulassungsamt, Alteburgstrasse 150
Hochschule Reutlingen
D-72762 Reutlingen

1. A certified copy of your school leaving certificate (e.g. A-level results, Abitur or university entrance qualification)

2. A certified copy of your first degree (e.g. bachelor’s/ diploma certificate)*

* If you have a first university degree from outside of Germany, you must also obtain recognition of your degree certificate from Studienkolleg Konstanz. You will then be informed whether your first degree entitles you to study at a university in Baden-Württemberg.

* If you have a bachelor's degree from a German university, please also send your ex-matriculation certificate.

3. CV

4. Certificate of having passed the selection interview.

5. C1 proficiency in English- more information here

6. GMAT (score 550+ or equivalent GRE score)

7. Verification of two years professional experience (employment contract, interim reference or employer's confirmation of duration of employment relationship)

The admissions office will check that all enrolment requirements have been met. If this is the case, you will receive information about the next steps.

Please make sure that you include a current email and home address so that the admissions office and the MBA Full-Time team can contact you.

Deadline: 15 August 

You can view the status of your enrolment on the university's campus portal ‘Campus PoRTal

6.Payment of semester fees and submission of additional documents

If your application is successful and the supporting documents have been submitted, you will receive a notification of fees and a list of any additional supporting documents.

Please transfer the fees (1st instalment of € 5,200 plus semester fees) and send any additional documents to the admissions office by the registration deadline at the latest.


7.Welcome to ESB Business School!

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the MBA International Management Full-Time Programme of ESB Business School at Reutlingen University!

You will find tips on finding a room or an apartment on Reutlingen University’s website.

For international students: On Reutlingen University’s website you will find information about studying in Germany, our range of preparatory classes, experience reports and a whole lot more.

You will also find the most relevant answers to the most frequently asked questions on the application process here.